Friday, February 26, 2010

Natural Healing

A return to nature with regular guest poster, Jess of Sweet Eventide

This month, we had a few garden variety winter illnesses come and go at our house, nothing major but definitely enough to get you down after awhile. Throw in a clumsy slip & fall by certain guest bloggers (ahem), and the mood was not pretty.

With me curled in a heap of soft tissue injuries a couple of weekends ago, my boys headed out to see the great Mavericks surf contest which is very local for us. They took their bikes, parked a bit away and rode to a bluff with their binoculars in hand, while I watched a wave or two online, more than a bit envious that they were actually there. They came home with a lovely cupcake which helped my spirits a bit, but guess what healed me the most?

"Red Longboard" (Pacifica)

A trip to the coast that included me this time! We headed out to Pacifica on President's Day and after watching my sweet son brave the icy waters of the Pacific ocean, we drove in a meandering way down Highway 1 and stopped in awe over what I later learned was called Devil's Slide.

We parked and climbed down many, many old, wooden stairs and we were rewarded for our efforts with a spectacular show of crashing surf, sea foam and crisp, ocean breezes. My son dawdled in a rivulet for the longest time and it was a pure pleasure to watch him gleefully jump back and forth across it, all the while testing the speed of various sticks as they raced from the top to the bottom. Eventually I abandoned my trusty Danskos and frolicked in the water with my son.

As long as my stress had been building up mentally and physically over the past few weeks, it disappeared in a fraction of a second out on that beach. I was tired walking up all those stairs back to the car, but I had a huge smile in my heart and soul.

I can feel the stress of daily life and responsibilities building up again in my shoulders...but writing this post reminds me of the most natural way to heal myself: get back to nature again as soon as possible. I think I know what to put on our so-far empty calendar this weekend!


Ann Marie said...

yes, nature is the answer, to so many of our ills. i make it a huge part of my everyday life. :)

panamamama said...

Great post. Nature is the answer! I try to remember to tell my kids to just go lie in the grass when they are stressed out. Always works!


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