Monday, March 1, 2010

Air mail

Bleatings from EnviRambo.

Do you have one of these? A mountain of shipping material you have been holding on to thinking one day you will reuse it? I do. Actually I have several, this is just the pile of plastic inflatable air bags. I also have bags of paper packing, styrofoam peanuts, and bubble wrap. I hate receiving this stuff in shipments - especially when I specifically request NO PLASTIC! - I hate throwing it away even more. So I stash it away with the intent of reusing it for something. The only problem is that I never ship anything out. I take plenty in, but send nothing out. I have used all the bubble wrap I can to store Christmas ornaments, the paper I am slowly feeding to my worms and will use the rest as weed barrier in my garden this Spring, but have no use for these plastic air bags.

They are taking up way too much room and have got to go. Did you know that you can recycle these plastic air bags? Neither did I. If you have some lying around take a look for a website printed on it. Mine led me to the site below.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that this manufacturer accepts their product back for recycling. According to their website: "Upon receipt of the material, it will be ground up and re-pelletized, so it can be used to make a variety of products from trash bags to automotive parts, which can also be recycled." I applaud companies willing to take responsibility for their products.

I would give a standing ovation to the one who heeded my request for no plastic packing material. Are you listening Amazon?


concretenprimroses said...

Good for you for finding a place to send them and following through!
I have a lot of stuff too. When I cleaned out dh's study while he was away for his job last year I recycled about 80% of his 30 year stash of large manilla envelopes.
Someone on my local freecycle asked for packing materials and small boxes. Advertising them on Craigs list or freecycle could send them on to an Ebay or Etsy seller who will reuse them.

Anonymous said...

You can also try contacting your local UPS or shipping store, as many of them accept styrofoam peanuts and other packing materials for reuse.

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

Does that company only take their product back, or any of those bubble things by any company? Also, I'm guessing you pop it first?

greeen sheeep said...

@Kathy - Thanks for the tip! I would have never thought about an Etsyian wanting to use them. I actually used a manilla envelope from my stash to send them back. :)

I have heard that about the UPS store, but haven't tried it yet. The next time I get packing peanuts in a shipment I know exactly where they are going.

@Erin - Their website only stated their products, but it would be worth asking. They had a few other things listed like jiffy mailers, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, etc. I have some inflatables from another company that I would like to recycle. I wrote to them asking if they take their product back, but have yet to receive a reply.

greeen sheeep said...

@Erin- Oh and yes, they request them to be deflated before returning. My husband and daughter both raised an excellent question: "Why can't they take them back whole and just reuse them?" Why not indeed?

Holly said...

Freecyclers would love them. People are always asking for packing/moving supplys on freecycle. keep it local.

Kale for Sale said...

The UPS stores near us will take bubble wrap. They love it. I give the plastic air pillows to a copy/print business. They love it too. And one time, my husband made place mats from bubble wrap. We used them for weeks. Until our friends had eventually popped them all.

Anonymous said...

UPS stores will also happily take styrofoam packing peanuts. Heck, they'd probably take any packing material to reuse that they wouldn't have to buy.

My air pillows I cut down the middle to release the air and recycle them at my grocery store with any plastic bags I accumulate, including bread bags and any other thin plastic bags.


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