Friday, March 12, 2010

Emerging from Winter

An almost-Spring dispatch from Truffula's corner of the world...

Snow: Yes, it’s all but melted. But, there are still bits on the ground here and there. Since I’m in want-to-garden mode, I’m chronically evaluating shady vs. sunny spots just about everywhere I go, even when they don’t belong to me. I'm ready to move on to the next season.  Yet, those snow remnants have a purpose even now -- they let me know that their locations are not so well suited for planting: too shady.

Snow damage: Yes, my poor garden has some.The beautiful little dogwood next to our driveway lost a significant branch. I fear that another large-ish limb may have suffered a terminal snap, too. (It appears well-connected, but there are some tell-tale splits in the bark.  For the time being, I will conveniently ignore this finding.  Please indulge me.)  I mourn for the bracts which might have graced them in about a month’s time. And, I rejoice: the pieces I clipped and put into a vase on the kitchen table are showing white tips. Maybe I’ll see those bracts yet!

Books: Thanks to Erin, I’m reading Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture. I was too cheap frugal to purchase it. A quick search revealed the book in our public library system. I wasted no time in putting a hold on it, and retrieved it the moment I got the notice that the book was waiting for me. This “light bus reading” has my mind swimming. I’ve had a number of little epiphanies among the pages, with author Ellen Ruppel Shell giving me facts for the feelings I've developed towards mainstream shopping, the pounds of sales circulars in my newspapers, land use, etc.  I'm in the middle of the chapter about Ikea, hoping that Ellen doesn't burst my bubble.  I feel guilty enough over my obsession with their catalog and wares as it is!

Dirt: As of last weekend, it’s back under my fingernails… and I’m so happy about that! I promise that I didn't do any digging in the soil so water-logged with snow melt!  All I did was a bit of superficial leaf cleanup here and there, treading carefully, so as not to compact said water-logged soil too much.  I’m basking in the warmer temps, and have dared to venture out without the hat and gloves which have been part of my daily uniform for the past months.  My compost piles are cookin', moisturized with the snow I purposefully piled on top of them.Yippee!

How are you emerging from Winter in these longer and longer days, punctuated with gorgeous bursts of color from flowering bulbs?


Wonder-ful said...

I am... sneezing.

I took to walking to work again, seeing the camelias in bloom, trees in bloom, everything in bloom it seems. Also means a month of random acts of sneezing on my part but I'd rather sneeze than be stuck indoors all day.

I'm also getting antsy as both the gardening day(s) and the big (I hope) yard sale are here in a couple weeks. Very exciting for me, not so exciting for the rest of the family.

Anna, The Lemon Lady said...

Cute blog. I'll read more later. I've launched the Recycle Caps and Lids campaign in California. Perhaps you readers would like to "recycle" or harvest urban fruit. That's how it all began for me a little over a year ago. Now, I'm The Lemon Lady. Happy day.

Truffula said...

@ Wonder-ful: Gesundheit! Enjoy your walks! It *is* so wonderful to be back outdoors for longer periods of time.

Daisy said...

We've had rain and fog for several days - enough to melt most of the snow in my backyard, but not enough to get me out working in the dirt. It's still too cold. March in Wisconsin can mean another snowstorm on the way - or two.

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

Yes, Cheap is not very light reading, but isn't it fascinating? On the Ikea subject - I read some reviews before I started the book that said things like, "I'll never shop at Ikea again after reading this book!" But although the author seems to dislike Ikea, I didn't think they came off so bad. They could do better, but at least they're trying!


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