Thursday, March 11, 2010

Out of the office!

A quickie with the Greenhabilitator who can hardly contain her excitement...

Mr. Greenhab and I have been whining talking about how much we could use a vacation away from, well, everything - work, stress, kids, you name it. Alas, we've tightened the purse strings and there is no vaca in sight for a long time to come.

Enter my job (big smooches to iVillage) who needed green-minded folks to sit on a panel at the Natural Products Expo West in LA this weekend.

Oh, oh pick me!!! {Dances around with her hand in the air.}
"...Natural Products Expo West is the premier trade show for the healthy products industry. Co-located with SupplyExpo, the Nutracon conference, the Healthy Baking Seminar and the Fresh Ideas Organic Marketplace..."
As a panel member, I'll be able to give my input on so many things. And, let's face it, I have a lot to say for us eco-conscious consumers! Some of my main concerns today are plastic packaging, labeling, genetically engineered ingredients (and how that relates to labeling), manufacturing process, costs...I could go on and on. Of course, I'm sure there will be many "Would you buy this product, or this one? What if this one was a dollar cheaper?" type questions, but a girl can dream.

So, dear readers, tell me: What would you say if you had the chance to sit down with representatives from the natural products industry? What are your concerns? Desires? What would you like to see more / less of?

Can't wait to fill you in when I get back!


Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

I'd like to see a standard definition of the term "natural" when used on labeling. That would make my life easier!

Have fun on your trip!

Daisy said...

Packaging and clear labeling are on my list.


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