Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Waste Free Lunch Ideas

A compilation of lunch ideas from The Conscious Shopper

A couple months ago, I asked all of you for help in a few categories that I wanted my family to work on this year, and one of those categories was packing waste-free lunches. We had the "waste free" part down, repurposing various food containers we already had around the house; our problem was the lunch part...What to pack?

I'm happy to say that thanks to all of your suggestions, we've been branching away from our usual (cheese sandwiches with a carrot or celery and a piece of fruit). And both for my sanity and in case anyone else is looking for lunch ideas, I thought I'd gather everyone's suggestions into a nice organized list.


Sandwich fillings (served on bread, bagels, tortillas, or pitas)

  • cheese
  • cream cheese
  • hummus
  • other bean spreads
  • egg salad
  • chicken salad
  • peanut butter
  • soy butter
  • sunflower butter
  • tuna
  • lunchmeat
Other main dishes:
  • homemade granola with yogurt
  • cold pizza
  • muffins/quick bread
  • pasta salad (vary the dressings and vegetables)
  • cold sausages
  • cold chicken drumsticks
  • leftovers
  • fruit
  • vegetables (dip helps make them more appetizing)
  • dried fruit
  • fruit leather
  • kale chips
  • yogurt
  • smoothies
  • soup
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • deviled eggs
Anything else I should add?


Daisy said...

Mmm, hard boiled eggs for lunch. Works for me! I like bringing the green ones on Dr. Seuss Day - with a little ham on the side, of course.

Levinson Axelrod said...

Great ideas. Thanks for the post.

hekatesgal said...

Our kids' school serves a hot organic food lunch (which they don't get but never mind.) We bring a big bucket to the classroom, and the kids put the leftovers in there so we can feed them to our chickens.

Lisa Sharp said...

I send my hubby a waste free lunch each day. At first he sometimes for got things in his classroom but now he seems to always remember.

I also have a giveaway right now for a sandwich wrap. :)



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