Friday, March 26, 2010

Why? A Reminder to Myself

Regular guest poster Jess of Sweet Eventide shares some of her beautiful photos

As I was thinking about what to write for my monthly guest post in this space, I found myself feeling inadequate, discouraged and tired (among other adjectives). I feel like I have started to slack a little here, but improve a little there and what does it all mean anyway? Then I thought of how much I enjoy being in nature: whether it's at the coast, the forest, or just my local park. I happen to achieve a personal high when I have my camera along with me.

And then it hit me -- isn't this exactly why we work so hard, "inconvenience" ourselves and possibly irritate our friends and families because we just can't shut up about ___________? My endless talking points tend to hover around food: HFCS, artificial colors and sustainable agriculture to name a few.

I found the answer to my questions in my photo library. For me, this is why:

This is why.


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