Monday, April 26, 2010

Meatless Monday at the Booth

It's Meatless Monday everyone!

Is there someone in your family who isn't all that keen on going meatless, even if it is just one day out of the week?

Surprisingly, that's the number one concern that I hear when I speak with people about going meatless on Mondays: "That wouldn't fly in my house. My husband wants meat every night."

I remember a time years ago when all the meals in our house centered around meat. Each day we would pick our main meat dish, then pair a couple of side dishes with it: pork chops in shake-n-bake, boxed stuffing and canned corn. It's funny how things -- and people -- change!

Over the years we've added in more spaghetti nights, hearty veggie soups, veggie stir-fries and other meatless meals. And on the nights that we do eat meat, we try to make it just another ingredient in the meal instead of the focus of the meal.

My husband was not an easy convert. He's always been a meat and potatoes guy who doesn't like vegetables at all. After almost 10 year together he's branched out and learned to like several veggies, but he still loves his meat. With every documentary, book or article that comes out about food, he leans further and further towards the side of sustainability though. At this point I think he's about 60% for reducing his meat consumption, partly because he knows it's the right thing to do and partly to make me happy.

Boothers, what advice can you give to others who may be meeting some resistance in their own Meatless Monday movements? We'd love to hear your tips, concerns or stories of triumph.

Last, but not least, is our recipe of the week for Asparagus Frittata from Sense of Home.

{Photo courtesy Sense of Home}

The recipe looks very versatile. I'm thinking you could also use other veggies as they're in season. Paired with a salad, this meal is easy enough to make, yet looks and tastes very sophisticated.

Let us know what you're making this week. If you're using Mr. Linky, please put your name, or your blog name, with your meal in parenthesis. Ex: Green Phone Booth (Vegetarian Chili). That way we'll know who you are and what you've made.

Have a great week everyone!


Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...
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Anonymous said...
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KnitNana said...

I adore your button! I managed to stay true to the cause, but Monday's are hard! Still, the best meal I could envision tonight was fruit and cottage cheese, so that's what I had. Lovely photo on my blog, if I do say so myself!

I promise a more interesting meal next week!

Nana Sadie said...

IT's really me, Nana Sadie, up there under the Knitnana moniker! (I have two blogs)

Pure Mothers said...

My husband is on board. We usually do a veggie meal at least one dinner per week. I just said "let's make it Mondays now." The key for meat eating husbands is to make the meal filling. Most guys think vegetarian means rabbit food. You just need to make a hearty stew or lasagne or something filling and they won't miss the meat.

Robbie said...

Erin, guess the comments are working again! The recipe looks fantastic...will have to try it (asparagus is one veggie the kids can agree on!)

Kellie said...

@Erin~ I think that's my hubby's problem. He used to eat waffles and ice cream or frosted flakes for dinner.

@Nana~ Thanks, I'll work on getting some code up for the button so everyone can wear it!

@Pure Mothers~ Great tip!

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Looks wonderful. The asparagus frittata sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing this idea.


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