Monday, April 12, 2010

Meatless Monday

Welcome to another edition of Meatless Monday at the Booth. Did you know that you can reduce your risk of heart disease by going meatless?

"Beans, peas, lentils, nuts and seeds contain little to no saturated fats. Reducing your intake of saturated fats can help keep your cholesterol low and reduce your risk of heart disease."

Today's cholesterol-lowering recipe for Black Bean Nachos is brought to you by the Conscious Shopper. Black beans are by far my favorite bean. I've never tried it quite like this, but it will be on my menu very soon!

What recipes do you have to share with us today? Please enter your name and your recipe name into Mr. Linky below, or post it to our Facebook page. We'd love to see what your making.


Nana Sadie said...

I made Vegan Spaghetti Sauce (and I make it quick, folks) for my first Meatless Monday.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

I significantly reduced my meat intake (mostly beef) during an online challenge, and I'm enjoying beans, lentils, eggs, and quinoa as my main proteins. (I still eat fish and chicken occassionally.)
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's recipes, and hoping to pick up a few new dishes!

Sandy said...

I had a big eggplant parm sandwich for lunch, and last- night's salad for breakfast. I think I'm skipping dinner today. Not hungry. I'm not used to eating bread. But if I DO get hungry later, I'm going to make some watercress soup with ramps. I picked a bunch of both yesterday afternoon.

Kellie said...

@Nana~ Glad you've joined the Meatless Monday movement! Thanks for sharing your recipe.

@4Bushel~ I've been adding a lot more beans, lentils and quinoa into my diet as well. Unfortunately the hubby isn't a big bean fan.

@Sandy~ Eggplant sandwich sounds divine!

Rosa said...

mmm, I might make these tomorrow. I got tired of black beans back in December and we haven't had them recently.

I am really jealous of people who have fresh veggies, right now. I have tiny, tiny kale sprouts, and we have lots of local root veggies still, but this is the part of the year when it looks like spring out and I am REALLY REALLY bored with meat, beans, potatos, sweet potatos, etc.


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