Thursday, April 1, 2010

New & Exciting in the Booth!

A few fun bits from the Greenhabilitator...

We're movin' and shakin' here in the Booth these days. So many of our good blog buddies are on Twitter, that we've finally joined up as well. You can follow us at where we'll be sharing our blog posts and any other interesting tidbits that catch our eyes. Spread the word!

I'm also very excited to announce our new interactive and ongoing Meatless Monday challenge!

I think most of us here at the Booth are either vegetarian or try to limit our intake of meat. We've heard time and time again that even eliminating just red meat from your diet is one of the most significant things you can do for the environment -- not to mention your health.

To encourage everyone to join us in observing Meatless Monday, we'll now be posting recipes and ideas for you each Monday morning. And to make it more fun, we'll be featuring YOUR recipes and photographs!

We're looking at a few options right now for how this will work. 1) We can have participants upload photos to a Flickr group. If chosen, we'll have to contact you for your recipe, which could take some time. 2) Participants can upload their photo/recipe to our Facebook Fan Page. 3) We can use Mr. Linky. In this case, you would blog about your recipe, then link to it here. But...if you don't have a blog, you might be left out. 4) Submit a recipe and photo via email.

I'm leaning towards Mr. Linky or Facebook because everyone will be able to review each and every recipe submitted.

Please cast your vote below or let us know if you have another idea.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to vote for anything BUT Flickr, because in some countries (like where I live), Flickr is blocked by the government ISP, so if you use Flickr we would be left out :(

SariJ said...

Oh I am excited to see new vegetarian recipes. As a lapsed vegetarian I am looking for new and exciting ways to make dinner meatless and fun!
The nice thing about having your only child going away to college, is to finally make what you want, and what I want is to go meatless again.

PureMothers said...

Yay, you'r eon Twitter! I just followed you. You may want to edit this post and drop the additional .com after greenphonebooth so the link will work though. :-)

Robbie said...

OK I know originally I said Facebook, but many people read these on breaks at work, and many places block Facebook anymore!

Kellie said...

@Anon - That is good to know, thanks!

@SariJ - Good for you! It's hard to please everyone when cooking. I feel a household of 6, so I feel your pain!

@PureMothers - Thanks - I didn't even notice that!

@Robbie - I didn't think about that - definitely something to consider.


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