Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One Small Change

Please welcome Andy from One Small Change to the Booth for today's guest post.

Suzy and Andy Hawbaker started the One Small Change challenge in January as a way to encourage others to go green. As owners of an online store specializing in green and natural products we have always thought of ourselves as not just a business trying to capitalize on the green revolution but as a family who wanted to help make a difference.

Many people think that going green means that you have to spend a lot of money. You don’t have to buy a new hybrid car or make a large investment to be green. In fact, becoming more environmentally conscious is a journey that begins with small steps.

We decided that it would be cool to encourage people to make small changes to reduce waste, conserve energy, and to be more aware of ways to care for the Earth. The One Small Change was started on the Hip Mountain Mama Blog with over 300 participants. Each of these participants agreed to make one small change each month from January up till Earth Day. Each of the participants blogged about their changes and shared the success stories. Through this network of blogs hundreds of more people were inspired to make environmentally friendly changes in their own lives.

We are very surprised and proud of the success of this project. These small changes all added up to make a larger impact but also the project created a community of like-minded people all sharing stories, ideas, and encouragement. This community of change has been moved to its own blog.

With Earth Day just around the corner the challenge is wrapping up but we hope to carry the excitement, energy, and encouragement into the future months with many guest blog posts from members of the community sharing their stories. Be sure to check it out and please feel free to share your personal experiences as we can all learn from each other. Together we can continue spreading this grassroots movement to make a difference.

Andy Hawbaker and his wife Suzy own Hip Mountain Mama, an online retail store that specializes in Hip Products for Natural Mamas. They both share their love of the Earth and experiences of raising two beautiful daughters in the Rocky Mountains at Hip Mountain Mama Blog and One Small Change Blog.

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