Sunday, April 25, 2010

Skin Care Recipes (Superhero Secrets)

a last minute realization that I'm on for Superhero Secrets tomorrow morning and it's already late so I need to do this quickly post from Jenn the Overextended Greenmom...

Okay, I confess...I totally forgot I was on for Superhero Secrets this time...I knew I wanted to post about DIY skin care recipes, but I never actually wrote the post, and now it's late at night and I'm exhausted, so this won't be as complete as I'd hoped. But I think it's a good collection of recipes to have--and hopefully folks in the comments who have their own recipes, ideas, and sources will post a few as well!

We're (I hope!) becoming increasingly aware of the hazards of lots of the chemicals in your average bottle of cosmetics--and sometimes it seems like the more expensive the little tube, the more unpronounceable ingredients it has in it. What the heck is that about? (If you're not already concerned, check out the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database for more info...)

In the past few years I've slipped away from most traditional cosmetics, though I do still have one bottle of foundation, one blush cake, and a squirty bottle of hair spray. None of them get used with much regularity. Most other things I make on my own, and they work really well.

Lots of options here, for lotions and oils and such. I tend to use the easiest version anywhere, which is just a little pump bottle of grapeseed or almond oil from the grocery store, with a few drops of essential oil in it, rubbed on slightly damp skin.

I also posted on the Booth a few months ago about making my own lotions and creams, which I sort of do the lazy way....Rosemary Gladstar has the sort of prototype recipe to which the rest all aspire, and it's fabulous.

I'm not a big toner user, but if I were I'd probably try the toner recipe from Katherine Butler at Eco-Salon.

Did you know that yogurt is good for sunburn relief? Me either. (The whole Skin Care From Scratch blog has some good ideas; check it out!)

And then there's my own "Preparation Ouch" recipe--well, figure it out.

The Natural Home Remedy site is a motherlode of recipes--I haven't looked at all of them, because there are tons of them, but the ones I checked looked good--some more complicated than others, but most seem pretty good. (That's the problem with lots of these recipes--you can't make stuff in advance or it goes bad, so it's a lot more work more often...)

Want natural hair care recipes? Check out Pioneer Thinking's hair care site--tons of recipes here too. (And when you're done there, check out plain old too; also some good info here!) (The old "gently warm a couple of ounces of any basic kitchen oil in the microwave till it's warm but not too hot and smooth it into my damp hair, leave in for ten minutes, rinse, shampoo" thing is my personal standby, but there are many others...)

And finally, Natures Gift is my absolute favorite site for All Things About Essential Oils...check out their skincare hints page and follow some of the links! Good stuff here...

So, everyone else: what are your recipes, and where do you go when you want to take better care of your skin, hair, feet, painful-post-preggo-rear-end-parts, hands, and so forth, without spending an arm and a leg and adding toxic chemicals to them? Please share!


Amanda said...

Thanks for the links to other resources. My favorite homemade beauty treatment is using honey as a face mask, give it a try!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

The Cosmetic Safety Database is really scary + it shows you that so much that is sold as natural/ eco/ bla-bla-bla can be just as bad.

As for face moisturizer: 2 different friends paid a lot of $$ to their aestheticians to learn that flax seed oil is excellent as a face moisturizer + for the prevention of wrinkles. I have used this for about 15 years + 2 years away from 40 I'm quite happy with the results.

Jenn the Greenmom said...

Flax seed oil! I can't believe I didn't know this...the "wrinkle prevention" ship has sailed already, I'm afraid, but I could do what I can to prevent more...


Condo Blues said...

I have an aloe plant in my kitchen. I pinch off a leaf and squeeze it on a burn or sunburn.

I make my own sugar scrubs with white sugar and olive oil.

debi said...

My favorite face mask is fresh grapefruit juice (though you can use any fresh citrus) mixed with a little warm water and oat flour. Gentle, but great exfoliant.

Also, I sometimes use fresh aloe as a moisturizer (keep it in the fridge for up to a week), and I use aloe on my heels when they get all dry and crack.


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