Saturday, May 29, 2010

Views from Puerto Rico

Going Green Mama confesses she needs another vacation. Stat.

I realize most of the country is on vacation in some form or fashion this weekend, so I'll join the club.

Instead of my usual rambling thoughts strewn together at midnight Friday, I'll share with you a few photos of part of our country you might never see. Last week, I was blessed to see a good friend who's spending this year in San Juan. While it's part of our country, it's a radically different culture and a vastly different climate. So enjoy the views!


Sandy said...

Mmmmm,heaven! I can just smell that island air!

Green Bean said...

Looks gorgeous!

Diane said...

How beautiful! A vacation sounds really good right now.

panamamama said...

My mom lived in Puerto Rico (Bayamon!) for almost 5 years. We had some great visits. Me encanta Puerto Rico!


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