Monday, June 14, 2010

Meatless Monday ~ The Accidental Vegetarian

Some good Meatless Monday reads from the Greenhabilitator...

I made a comment on Facebook recently that I was becoming an "accidental vegetarian", joking that would be a good title for a book one day. Little did I know there's already a book by that title, which I checked out from the library last week out of sheer curiosity.

Despite the oddly negative editorial review on Amazon, the customer reviews were positive and I also found it to be full of innovative recipes using ingredients that I actually have. The author is a Brit who owns a restaurant called Greens, though, as the reviewer points out, he's neither a chef nor a vegetarian. The book is definitely worth a check-out from the library!

I've been hearing the term "flexitarian" lately, which I think is the direction in which I'm moving. A Flexitarian is someone who eats mostly vegetarian meals, but isn't opposed to eating meat on occasion.

The Flexitarian Table was written for my family. In our household, we have a vegetarian (my mother-in-law), a flexitarian (me) and a carnivore (my husband). The kids could probably be considered flexitarians as well. (I think they're just happy that food magically appears on the table each night.) Author and chef Peter Berley lays out menus to satisfy us all.

I also checked out the book The Flexitarian Diet which turned out to be more of a dieting book than a book about the flexitarian type of diet. It was still packed full of high protein meal ideas and recipes.

Do you have any vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian books you'd like to share?

And don't forget to let us know what's on your plate this Meatless Monday. Use Mr. Linky below...


Penny Basket said...

After reading this post, I realised I'm a flexitarian too! I think it's a good way to eat - healthy, green and economical.

KnitNana said...

I suppose that's me, too. Mostly veggie, but pesca-vegetarian often. Love my fish, salmon took the place of steak years ago.
And I have a Meatless Monday post up!

Sense of Home said...

Does it count as meatless if my soup has chicken broth in it? If not, sorry.

Vegetable broth could certainly be substituted for chicken broth.


Robbie @Going Green Mama said...

Vegetarian Grill. Got it a lifetime ago at a magazine I worked at. Love it!

Toni's Treehouse said...

One of the best vegetarian cookbooks I've ever had was by Linda McCartney. I used it for years, then lost it and have never been able to find another copy.

Harrisburg Car Accident Lawyer said...

Thanks for suggesting this book. Flexitarianism is a great idea.


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