Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Results of Our Survey

A big thank you to everyone who took our survey. Your answers have been very enlightening and will help us improve our posts and make the Green Phone Booth more enjoyable to read.

I appreciated one person's answer to the question about what we should change at the Booth: "I like it just the way it is." We're very grateful that you all enjoy reading what we write and are especially grateful for your comments and the community we've all built, making the Booth a fun place to hang out. But I'm sure you can understand that as most of us have been blogging for awhile now, sometimes we need to shake things up a bit to keep blogging fun.

So here's what you had to say about the Green Phone Booth:

What's your gender?

No surprise that most of our readers are female, though we love all of our male readers!

How old are you?

Although it looks like most of you are close in age to those of us writing for the Booth, I'm happy to see that we've got some good representation from all of the age brackets.

What is your parental status?

How long have you been a reader of the Green Phone Booth?

How often do you visit the Green Phone Booth?

How did you find the Green Pone Booth?

Are you subscribed to the Booth?

If you're not already subscribed to the Booth, we encourage you to do so by clicking here. You don't want to miss a post!

What are your favorite post topics?

I wasn't surprised to see that your favorite post topic is gardening/locavorism, but I was surprised to see that so many of you like posts about crafts/cooking. Those posts often don't get a lot of comments, so its good to have some conformation that you like reading them.

We've brainstormed some ways to change up the Green Phone Booth. What would you like to see?

For some reason, Google docs is messing up the results to this last question, so I don't have a pretty graph to show you, but here are your responses:
  • Keep Superheroes Secrets: 37
  • Keep Meatless Mondays: 35
  • Bring over the Conscious Shopper Challenge: 38
  • more product reviews: 13
  • more guest posts: 10
  • male writers: 12
I also appreciated some of your specific comments:
More personal stories, concrete changes, never read Meatless Mondays, not a fan of reviews or giveaways, it is the relevant eco-storytelling that brought me here to begin with!
create groups for food co-ops, attachment parenting, green parents, etc...
A compilation/list somewhere for the many things that we can do to green our homes and lives. When I first started reading the posts, I noticed references to things I wanted to do, but was unable to find the information I needed to do them. Having a list to refer to would help those of us who are very motivated to make changes we want to make right away rather than having to wait until someone posts something that gives us the information we are needing. Also, more of "Ways to live more green in our homes and lives and avoid unhealthy chemicals in our foods/ education about them. Recipes and ideas for using our produce and other things we can get locally so we can further avoid toxins, etc in foods we enjoy."
In response to the last comment, I think that's a great suggestion, and I'll see what I can put together. In the meantime, please check out the index to the Conscious Shopper Challenge, which provides ideas for changes in many specific areas. And anytime you have a specific question that you need answered, send us an email and we're happy to help.

Thanks again to everyone who responded. You've been a big help!

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