Sunday, August 15, 2010

Superhero Secrets: Can you do the Can-Can?

Jenn the Greenmom indulges her newest obsession...

According to the Seattle Times, canning is now cool and trendy. (Which is almost disappointing--I don't want to be trendy, I want to be countercultural, dammit!) But as anyone's noticed who's been reading my blog lately, clearly I've been bitten by the bug—so why not just go ahead and devote my July offering of Superhero Secrets to this lost-and-found art?

A couple of weeks ago here on the Booth I posted a review of Williams-Sonoma The Art of Preserving--a really good book in its own right, with some very cool recipes, and then a bunch of commenters put their own favorite books down below. If you missed it, check it out! But obviously books are only the tip of the iceberg, and as with almost anything you can think of, there's an abundance of information on the internet to teach you to do...almost anything.

The USDA complete guide to canning, very sensible and easy to follow, is downloadable as pdf files--or here's another link to the same information. Simple, no-frills, but very comprehensive and heavy on the safety concerns, which I appreciate. Or there's the FAQ—I've found answers to a couple of my dilemmas here...but the official government sites (as with most things on the internet) barely scratch the surface of what you can do.

Here are a few more sites I've bookmarked and had reason to go back to:

  • --A site dedicated to telling us what we can do with that too much fruit we went over the top buying at the local pick your own place
  • Ball Jars' commercial site—also full of good info!
  • Another bajillion links...after a while, they sort of run together, don't they??
  • Food In Jars blog--Thanks to EnviRambo for this one! Post after post that makes me want to break out the canner and hide in the kitchen with a sweaty face for a few hours. Added to my reader.

Then there are a few really lovely-looking recipes I ran across:

Greek nectarine preserves with cognac--yumm!

Nectarine-Raspberry preserves

Blueberry Spice Jam

Zucchini pickles --A site I could have used last summer when my zucchini patch actually was going a bit berserk...but there's a nice-looking gingery zucchini pickle recipe halfway down.

And then over here are recipes for both sweet AND dill zucchini pickles—the sweet ones are sitting on my counter right now. I'm hoping they bear as much gustatory resemblance to watermelon rind pickles as the recipe sort of looks like it might...

Canning being so trendy and all, I could go on for days...but this should get you started. As always, have at the comments! Anyone got any other great home canning links they'd be willing to share? Or favorite, tried and true recipes? (Like plum jam with a teaspoon of lavender flowers added during the simmer?)

--Jenn the Greenmom


Kellie said...

I love love love Tons of great info and step by step instructions with photos. It's great for obsessive-compulsive types like me who are afraid of poisoning the family.

Dea-chan said...

Crunchy Chicken has some really interesting jam recipes that I keep meaning to try.

Jenn the Greenmom said...

okay, WOW, I'm all over the Crunchy Chicken! Those sound awesome! Thank you for those!

Daisy said...

We're trendy? Aw, I wanted to be unique. I just bought the book "Put 'Em Up" and it looks fabulous. Clear instructions, general sections at the beginning to define terms and methods, and then recipes organized by main ingredient. Delicious.

Canadian Doomer said...

LOL I echo your sentiment of "I don't want to be trendy!"

I tell you what - start *pressure* canning. Can meats, potatoes, stuff like that. Lots of yummy food and you'll go back to everyone thinking you're weird. (Trust me on this one)


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