Friday, September 24, 2010

FLOR Modular Carpet Tiles

Hello Green Phone Booth readers, this is Jess from Sweet Eventide reporting for duty. I know I promised you photos from my field trip last month. Unfortunately while my field trip worked schedule-wise for both parties, it did not work light-wise and being a photographer, it's all about the light and even processing cannot make the photos I took sing to my heart's content. So I have to reschedule that post and report back at a later date about my field trip and the photos need to do that organization and its amazing school garden proper justice!

So today, I'll stay close to home. As in home decor, interior design, and how to combine all that with a desire to support companies who are not trashing our beautiful earth. This is how I shop for house stuff in general, and keep in mind that general = rarely. I go to a website or store and I find things that are visually appealing. Then I do the math and see if it's out of my price range (because I have already tried hard to be at a company that I'm willing to do business with which means not a big box, and/or shipped halfway across the world). Then I get creative and find a way to achieve a similar look at a lower cost/price (cost to the earth/price to my checking account).

I have not actually purchased a FLOR modular area rug *yet* but I've had my eye on them for years because their patterns are attractive and they are really trying to make a good product that is practical for busy, active families (with pets) and not at budget-breaking prices. Here are a few designs that caught my eye recently when a dear friend was rug shopping.

L-R: Tailor Made, Everything Sparkly and Velvet Twist

Here are a few links if you are intrigued:

FLOR Main Site:

FLOR Pre-Designed Section:

Sale Section:

The FLOR design help section:

The FLOR Recycle Program:

FAQs about FLOR:

They seem simple to assemble with stick-together, non-toxic "dots."

Here are installation videos:

Here are Price Categories:

They range from $5 to $30+, most seem to be around $15. One of the cool things about FLOR is you could buy the tiles a few at a time as your budget allows and then assemble when you've got all the tiles.

Okay, that's my FLOR sales pitch. Now I'm wondering: have you used FLOR? Does it hold up to high-traffic areas (a weakness I've heard about)? I'm a bit obsessed with yellow& grey lately, thus the samples I chose to hightlight, however in my home, I'm all about my other favorite color combination which is red & turquoise mixed with white walls and various woods (floors and furniture). So if and when I get myself a pretty area rug, yellow & grey probably won't be it. :)


Anonymous said...

We use the FLOR carpet tiles in several of the public spaces of our building, as well as some of the faculty offices. The dark gray tiles have held up amazingly well [lighter traffic overall], but the red tiles show stains and general traffic wear. And yes, we ordered extras, and yes, we tried swapping out the worst looking tiles, but the sun damage in the red room was already enough to make the replacement tiles really stand out. For home use the tiles would probably last much longer, and the company is super-good about customer service and recycling your old tiles.

Green Bean said...

These tiles fascinate me because they do seem both affordable and easy to swap out with the stains. The comment preceding mine, though, makes me think that the *brilliant* idea of swapping out damaged tiles may not actually work. I'd love to hear if there are others who've used these tiles.

little miss spy said...

We use FLOR tiles in our bedroom. We got them in 2007, and have never properly installed them with the dots. That means we have to realign them every so often, but for a low traffic area they stay put pretty well. We got them because we needed two rugs to fit into awkwardly-sized spaces, and the price + flexibility were just what we needed. I originally planned to lay them out differently, but didn't like how it looked. I just moved them around until I was happy!

OneCraftyFox said...

Very unique, I had not ever heard of these before.

jacqueline said...

Dearest jess, such a lovely inspiring post! These carpet tiles are gorgeous! Thanks so much for introducing us to FLOR! Love to yoU!

Brenda Pike said...

Wow—I didn't realize until after I'd spent 15 minutes putting together my dream rug that FLOR is part of Interface. An Interface factory is the major employer in the town I went to high school! Now I *really* have to get one.


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