Sunday, September 19, 2010

How I finally got off my butt and switched to a reusable air filter

A simple Superhero Secret from The Conscious Shopper

I am slow to get things done. One of the Baby Step challenges way back toward the beginning of the Conscious Shopper Challenge was to get a reusable air filter, and I totally meant to...but I am slow to get things done.

So two months after the challenge, I sent my husband out to get us a reusable air filter. For some reason, he went to Walmart (which was odd because we rarely ever go to Walmart), but the filter he brought home was the wrong size. Another month passed, and I found myself at Home Depot staring at air filters. They had one reusable style, also the wrong size.

Finally, last month, I started searching around online, and I found a company called Air Commander, Permanent Air Filters that was having a 50% off sale. Perfect!

(Incidentally, they are still having that sale. Maybe they are one of those companies that constantly has a sale going. Either way, you should definitely take advantage of it.)

We decided to go with their Gold Enforcer 94 with a gold anodized metal frame because it seemed to be their best filter and I figured if you're going to buy something that lasts a long time, you ought to buy the best.

We've been very happy with our purchase. The frame seems to be well constructed, and although I haven't cleaned it yet (we've only had it installed for a couple weeks), it doesn't seem too difficult to clean. We had a slight confusion about what size we needed to order which was totally my fault, but their customer service was excellent and cleared the problem right up.

So if any of you readers are also slow to get things done and still need to check off that Baby Step of the Conscious Shopper Challenge, check out Air Commander for reusable air filters.

Disclosure: I purchased this product with my own money and was not asked to write any sort of review at all, but I was pleased with their very helpful customer service, and one good turn deserves another.


Lisa Sharp said...

We switched to a reusable air filter awhile ago, it's nice to not have to buy new ones all the time!

Simply Authentic said...

What a great idea---I'd never even thought about this!

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

@Simply Authentic - Until Condo Blues posted on her blog awhile back about getting a reusable filter, I didn't know they existed. The reusable air filter industry definitely needs to do some better advertising.

Callie said...

This is great to know and I'll be happy to pass the info along. We heat with our wood stove so no need for an air filter, but it is good to know a reusable one is available. Great blog!

Toni said...

What a great idea! I am definitely adding this to our "to buy" list. Thank you for sharing!!

Condo Blues said...

My husband originally got our reusable air filter because it's a super duper allergen cleaner type and it was only a few dollars more than a three pack of the disposable filters. We've used it for years and it works really well. I clean on the first of the month with the hose attachment on my vaccum cleaner.


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