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Product Review--Motherlove Green Salve

Product Review: Motherlove Green Salve

It’s sort of weird; in day to day life, I know two kids is plenty, I have no desire to be pregnant again or have another baby. I really am quite over the whole swollen-ankles-and-heartburn-diapers-and-nursing thing. But then I will read about another nurse-in at a place where a breastfeeding mother was given a hard time, or hear about another study about the for-profit insanity of our current Caesarian rates, or discover a company that makes really lovely pregnancy-and-nursing products I didn’t know about when I could have actually used them…and I feel sort of wistful that I won’t be able to be part of things any more, not the way I was a few years ago.

During the summer, a representative from the Motherlove Herbal Company (I have to say, this is one of those sites that makes me want to have a baby or start nursing again just so I can use some of these products) invited the Booth to review their “Green Salve,” a simple salve for easing itches and burns and such. Most of their products are very mommy-and-baby-oriented, but this stuff is fairly all-purpose. As our resident Herb Nerd, I was sort of elected, and I’m really glad. They sent me a jar of it, at no cost, and asked me to review it. (That's the disclosure.)

Short version: Good stuff. I mean, it’s not a “magic bullet” when it comes to taking away every bit of itch or pain, but it certainly is soothing. We took it on vacation to Maine over the summer, where you can buy t-shirts depicting a 6-inch mosquito and proclaiming it the “Maine State Bird”. With a parenthetical note saying the mosquito is “shown actual size.” We played in the sun, and weren’t as good about applying sunblock as we should have been. We had campfires and burned our fingers on marshmallows. And this little jar of salve went with me pretty much everywhere.

My kids liked it; whenever I used it, on a skeeter bite or tender shoulders, they did say it felt much better. More to the point (since they feel better when any form of goo is put on their ouchies--never dismiss the placebo effect!), when I used it on my own bites and burns, I did feel fairly immediate relief—not complete, and not permanent, but who expects that, really? It helped significantly. And when I accidentally bonked my hand against a hot oven rack, and smeared the salve on, the relief I felt was at least as notable and lasting as the aloe gel I normally use, and I think probably more. And I still carry it around in my purse, and seem to pull it out for something at least once every few days.

From an herbal perspective, all the company’s products are very impressive, as are their professional ethics—they seem to have just the right assortment of herbs infused in oil and thickened with organic beeswax. In this case, calendula, comfrey, plantain, and marshmallow root—very basic and simple herbs, but all very soothing and healing. There is very little odor in the salve—I personally, when I make salves, favor addition of some essential oils which also give fairly marked odor—just because I like it. But lots of people don't care for the scents. This salve and most of this company’s products are probably as “unprocessed” as one could possibly make. Which I also like a lot. Realistically, would I go out and buy another jar when this one runs out? Honestly…probably not. But I’m someone who has been making my own specialty salves for about 6 years—because I have a fairly good collection of essential oils and know which ones to add for which salves, what soothes, what kills germs, what kills fungus (tea tree oil and grapefruit seed extract!), what heals hemorrhoids, and so forth. But if you’re not into that sort of thing, and you’re pregnant or a nursing mom, Motherlove has some really good stuff (including Rhoid Balm). And their prices are very comparable to what you'd get from many places for products that are this natural and labor-intensive to create. They have some nice gift packages too—good shower gifts! Highly recommended.

--Jenn the Greenmom

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Everyday Song said...

Wow. This was a great review. From the disclosure to the six inch skeeters to the rhoid balm at the very end.


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