Thursday, October 21, 2010

Darker Days

From the bean of Green Bean.

It happens every year. The days get shorter. The sun slants lower, an amber haze lighting the spiderwebs. And I get the itch. . . to create.

I don't know if it is because the weather is colder and there's more time inside. If it is because the garden calls me less. Or maybe it is the brightness of the holidays bearing down on us. But every fall, without fail, I get crafty.

There are plenty of quiet evenings with knitting needles in hand but just as often, I decide I'm not going down alone. I bring the boys with me. Into the joyful mess of autumnal crafts.

We go for walks foraging. Unlike any other season, fall offers up art materials aplenty - colored leaves, acorns in all sizes, bare twigs, pine cones.

We dig through the craft bin at home - an old laundry basket where recyclables with that je ne sais qoui go.

We pull out the sewing kits, the felt and the fabric.

We invest in some new paint, markers and clay.

We lurk around The Crafty Crow, the Long Thread and other craft websites, gleaning inspiration.

And then we get dirty . . . and joyful.

Happiest fall. The season of creation.


Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

I'm impressed! Our creativity takes a dip in the fall because of school starting and sapping away so many hours.

Jessica Nichols said...

I feel the same pull every fall. I haven't managed to convince my Noodle to join me though. I want to compliment you on the very first photo in this post. Beautiful lighting, wonderful bokeh! Nice work behind the camera! :)

Green Bean said...

@Erin: Interesting. We almost never craft in the summers and reserve all of it for the winter and fall.

@Jess: The ultimate complement! I'm sure it was an accident but I've been trying to employ some tips that I picked up from a friend of mine. A photographer. She's self taught. You may know her? ;-)


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