Monday, October 4, 2010

Ho Ho Whoa!

A Meaningful Memory from the bean of Green Bean.

Last year, I gave a knit. Lots of them. Knit trees. Knit acorn keyrings. A knit teddy bear. Oh, and a killer pair of knit light sabers. It was those last ones that did me in.

I started the first light saber five days before Christmas. It turned out so cool - despite the fact I was knitting it mostly by closet light (e.g., hiding in my closet so the boys wouldn't see it), that my husband insisted I make a second for our other son. And so I did. Through tears, stiff fingers and glow in the dark yarn. Ultimately, those light sabers have made great toys. One of a kind. Indestructible. Not capable of causing physical injury. But I paid the price for all that fun. I couldn't feel the tip of my right ring finger for nearly four months.

So this year, I will still give a knit. I'll just plan ahead. And by ahead, I mean now!

After collaborating with the kids on their Halloween costumes, I'll work on the knit spaceship to go with my son's space themed room. While apple picking, I'll be canning apple butter. In between carving pumpkins, I'll examine patterns for loft bed tents. While shopping for a Thanksgiving dinner, I'll also be putting ingredients for granola in the cart. And as we haul out the LED lights, I'll be putting the final touches on an American Girl doll poncho and hat.

This year, I'm determined to enjoy the holidays by ho ho hoing before they get go go going. Are you with me?

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Anonymous said...

Love the light sabers! I might need to look into those for my kids.

- Ginny

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

Great reminder! Crazy that it's already time to be planning for the holidays, though. This year has gone so fast.

Robj98168 said...

Already started! LOL Got an early start last year as well. Making my jars of vanilla sugar and making home made Vanilla Extract this year.

Green Bean said...

@Ginny: Just make sure you start them more than 5 days before the holidays. ;-)

@Erin: I know! This year has just flown by.

@Rob: You're a god! An inspiration.

ruchi said...

You are the most awesome mom ever. Those light sabers were super cool.


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