Sunday, October 24, 2010

Posts of Halloweens Past

Halloween secrets from the Conscious Shopper

As part of our Meaningful Memories challenge, I thought I'd do a few Superheroes Secrets posts directing you to some of our meaningful memories from holidays past, starting with Halloween. But yesterday, instead of getting that post ready, I cracked open The Hunger Games and spent the rest of the day neglecting my family while devouring the book (though I did manage to get a few jars of applesauce canned, so I think that redeems me). I finished the book at 10:30 last night and then immediately decided that I needed to run to Walmart to get the second book, stayed up until 1:00 reading it, went to church, and then read through the afternoon.

(I'm sure some of you can relate...)

So now here I am, finally forcing myself to come up for air so I can pass along a few posts from past Halloweens. At least it's still a week until the big night o' fun.

Halloween actually isn't a hot topic around here, but there've been a couple posts of note:
  • In Simple School Party, JessTrev posted some tips for planning a school Halloween party that didn't involve "making the leaning tower of Pisa out of non-GMO, organic, whole-grain breadsticks." Her advice: keep it simple!
  • In Getting Trashed on Halloween, Green Bean gets trashy. The kind of trashy that involves digging through her recycling bin to make amazing costumes for her two little ones. I mean amazing.
Tomorrow we'll have one more post about greening your Halloween before the big day next Sunday, and then next Monday, we'll have a Halloween costume parade to show off our creative, homemade, thrifted, or recycled Halloween costumes.

Happy Halloween! (now excuse me while I return to my book)

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Anonymous said...

Love the topic. and have TONS of amazing and unique ideas.

They literally wrote the book on greening Halloween!

Also, is a fun new initiative your readers might be excited about.


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