Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is there a doctor in the house?

Bleatings from EnviRambo.

Saturday I spent a lovely day watching the live stream of TEDxGreatPacificGarbagePatch.  The speakers were fabulous - including Beth Terry (Fake Plastic Fish), Ken Cook (Environmental Working Group), Van Jones (Green for All), Sylvia Earle (Mission Blue), Captain Charles Moore (Algalita Marine Research Foundation), and so many more.  It was in one word, EPIC.

I didn't really hear much that I didn't already know.  I'm pretty versed in the perils of plastic. - Other than the size of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is actually the size of CANADA, not Texas! Yikes! - Still, it felt beneficial to dedicate an entire day to the subject.

I walked away re-energized and more committed than ever to continue my pursuit to living plastic free.

I'd like to share with you one of the ways I have reduced my plastic consumption.

By buying Dr. Bronner's.

Dr. Bronner's castile soap has allowed me to cut two products out of my life and countless pieces of plastic.

This stuff is awesome.  It's certified USDA organic, Fair Trade, concentrated, available in bulk and can be used for EVERYTHING.

In my house it's used as body wash, shampoo and shave gel.  3 shower products reduced to 1.  6 pieces of plastic (bottle and caps) reduced to none.

My co-op offers Dr. Bronner's in bulk.  That means I can take my own container and fill it at the store.  Over and over and over again.  It's great!

If you don't have the bulk option available, you can still order it by the gallon.  One gallon lasts a lot longer than one 16 oz. bottle.  Especially since this stuff is super-concentrated and can be diluted way down.  Why pay for water at the store?  I have that for free at home.

The bottle states it has 18 uses.  I currently only use it for 3.  Are you using Dr. Bronner's for something other than I listed?  Maybe it could take the place of more products and more plastic in my home.

I was not solicited by Dr. Bronner's and am in no way being compensated for this post. I just like the product and want to share how it has made my life easier.


Kate said...

We use/have used Dr. Bronner's for:
*homemade bubble solution (with some water and vegetable glycerin)
*laundry detergent (with borax, washing soda, and water)
*dish soap (now we just use baking soda thanks to Beth Terry)

Stephanie said...

I use it in my cloth wipe solution and I occasionally use it to make a scrubbing paste with baking soda.

Sense of Home said...

We use Dr. Bronner's for handwashing soap. We have reused a foam soap dispenser bottle and put 1/3 Dr. Bronner's, 2/3 water in the bottle and it comes out foam soap. The nozzle gets gunked up sometimes and needs cleaning, but otherwise it works perfectly and I don't have any dried soap residue in the sink.


Condo Blues said...

I tried using it as toothpaste out of curiosity. Bleach! I never had my mouth washed out with soap as a kid, now I have. I think I'll stick to using it to clean everything BUT teeth :)

Jessica said...

I use it with a mix of 1 part Borax, 1 part baking soda, and 1 part salt plus a few glugs of vinegar in the dishwasher.

Melissa @ HerGreenLife said...

When I travel, I use Dr. Bronner's to wash dishes (my utensils, resuable containers, etc. that I bring to reduce disposables) since I have it along for shampoo and body wash anyway.

I grabbed an old foam soap dispenser that was just sitting around the last time I visited my parents' house with the intent of using Bronner's as a hand soap once my current kind runs out, though I didn't know about the diluting with water trick.

crstn85 said...

Toilet cleaner! It has a nice strong fresh smell. Plus as body wash and shampoo. It's the only thing in my shower other than a face soap.

Deanna said...

I mix some of the tea tree oil version in a squirt bottle with water and use it to clean and disinfect my bathroom.

Summer Skeeter said...

I use it along with warm water and handmade flannel hankies in a wet bag to make wet wipes. We use them to wash under our noses and our hands when we're out in public to keep down risk of colds and to degrime my two year old.

Mimi said...

Wash hair, body wash, wash dishes, wash dog, spot clean carpet (have to be careful b/c it will make that spot cleaner than the rest of the carpet, refill hand soap (foam and regular), clean kitchen, laundry (once or twice but it's to costly for that so I make my own detergent).


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