Saturday, November 20, 2010

Reclaimed craft ideas for your turkeys

Going Green Mama has been on the hunt for Thanksgiving-morning activities...

Like many cooks, one of the biggest worries of Thanksgiving morning is not just timing the meal and cooking that turkey - it's keeping the other turkeys away from the stove.

So for today's post, I've dug up some craft ideas that you can use with recycled and reclaimed craft supplies to entertain your little ones Thanksgiving morning. (Particularly if you have a willing helper!)

Starbucks (or other coffee) junkees can donate their cupholders used from the drive to the host's home to make cute Mayflower ships. Find directions at 4 Crazy Kings.

Almost Unschoolers shows how a few empty rolls of toilet paper, some scrap paper (or even bits of the sale ads!) and an old lunch bag can transform into harvest corn. Even a 2 year old, with some guidance, would love gluing this project together! (By the way, she also has a great idea for cranberry-tinted play dough, if you have a handful of extra berries!)

Alpha Mom turns her junk mail into colorful placecards for the table. (These could be even adapted to smaller cards for tight tables or to save more paper.)

And of course, there's the Thankful Tree. I'd never heard of this until my kindergartener came home with this as a class assignment, but it's a wonderful idea and can come as simple or as detailed as you like. In our version, we plucked a small branch from the ground at the park, tied on paper leaves with the names of people we were thankful for, and settled the branch in an unused pot buffered with an old sheet of newspaper. If you're feeling a little more crafty though, you can do a more eloquent version like this one at Playful Learning:

Wishing you all safe travels and a peaceful Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

Robbie @ Going Green Mama


Kerryanne Cummins said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas, I was just looking for something to do with my kids and neice and newfew the day before Thanksgiving while I bake the pumpkin pie!

Green Bean said...

I love these kinds of ideas at a time when we need to keep the kiddos occupied! Thank you for sharing.


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