Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Gifts You Can Make!

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Things you can make, from the Greenhabilitator...

I apologize in advance for the harriedness (is that a word?) of this post. Mr. Greenhab landed himself in the hospital yesterday evening so I'm rushing around like a chicken with no head today!

A girlfriend recently showed me how to make these adorable little rosettes and I've been making them out of every textile I can get my hands on since then.

My favorites - which I think would make excellent stocking stuffers, a great teacher gift, or gift for a Secret Santa exchange - are the brooch and ring though...

To make these, I used an old felted sweater. (Run a wool sweater through the washer in hot water and the dryer on high heat a few times to shrink it up as much as possible.) For the brooch, I started with a circle of felt that was roughly 4 inches in diameter. Cut a spiral, leaving a circle in the middle like this.

Put a dab of fabric glue on the tip and start to wind it up in a circle. Dab some more glue every quarter turn or so, so that it stays together.

At the end, the circle will make a back for your rosette. You can see from the photo that I didn't leave a big enough circle, but it didn't make that much of a difference.

This is what you'll have now.

At this point I glued on some leaves from a green felted sweater.

Sew a little pin on a backing piece, then glued it to the back of the rosette and leaves.


For the ring, I started with a circle that was more like 2" in diameter. I purchased these rings from a jewelry supplier on Etsy and just glued the rosette to it.

I think it's a fun piece. It would also be cute make from a funky patterned sweater.

If you're looking for other things to make for loved ones for the holidays check out the following tutorials I've done over the years...

Headbands for little girls (heck, for big girls too!).

Utensil wraps for on-the-go eating.

Car trip games for kids.

A clipboard caddy for kids.

Heat therapy bags make great teacher gifts!

Hand embellished scarf made with scraps.

Happy Christmas Crafting!

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Earthdrummer said...
Love tea! And all the ideas!! My family always gets socks in their stocking! Always. One year they didn't, and talked about it forever!! sheesh!! So, socks, sweets, play things (light sabers for the entire family! Because it is so fun!!) Must organize my stash though...I can get ahead of myself and forget!!

Kate said...
I have a stocking that's at least 18 inches long too. However, it was hand embroidered for me when I was born by my Granny who passed 10 years ago so I will not be getting rid of it. Growing up our family was hardly thinking about 'green' gifts but one thing we did which I appreciate even more now was that we got apples and oranges in the bottom of our stocking. It filled it up quicker and had compostable packaging. ;-)
3 Boys and an Old Lady said...
Lip gloss and lip balms, socks, candy canes and LifeSaver Storybooks are some of my fave stocking stuffer items
Please contact me within the next week at greenhab (dot) goods (at) gmail (dot) come with your contact info and I'll send these right out to you. Congrats!


Jo's Health Corner said...

Great ideas!
I just made some lavender/rosemary soap that I plan to give away for Christmas..

Mamapoekie said...

These look lovely!
I'll be adding them to this weeks Sunday Surf!
Greets from Authentic Parenting!

Dmarie said...

one of my New Year's resolutions will be to never use restaurant/fast food plastic cutlery...those utensil wraps will be perfect to keep in the car for travel. many thanks!!

ryanm said...

If you're stuck for Christmas gifts (and don't have time to make your own), has a whole section dedicated to green gifts!

Green Bean said...

How cute are you! I love the flower idea.

Anonymous said...

Do you think you could do a demonstration or elaborate on how you made the paper ones? Yours turned out so pretty and mine look like spirals gone bonkers...


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