Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Handmade Holiday

Celebrating with the Conscious Shopper

I read several posts this holiday season about people who were simplifying the holidays by cutting back on traditions and giving fewer gifts. That is so not me. I love the craziness of the season - the making and the baking and the giving and the celebrating...It doesn't feel like Christmas to me if there isn't a little bit of stress involved, and I'm okay with that.

However, packing in a ton of traditions and giving a lot of one of a kind homemade gifts without becoming overwhelmed can take some planning ahead (as Green Bean points out here). So to help you get some ideas for next year, I thought I'd share a few of the gifts we gave this year:

Blank notebooks for the boys' friends (tutorial here - thanks for the tip, Green Bean!)

Chocolate chip oatmeal quick bread (recipe here) The best part about this mix is that the bottles can be returned to an area grocery store for a bottle deposit refund. Love it!

wooden nativities (pattern here)

crocheted mesh scarf (pattern here)

crocheted dishrags

For more ideas, check out what we did last year.

This is our last Meaningful Memories post. Thanks so much to everyone who participated!


robbie said...

Love the colors on the dishrags! Some day, I'll get motivated enough to get out my crochet hooks. Merry Christmas!

Condo Blues said...

Thank you for being another green blogger who likes the holidays and some of the madness that goes with it. I like the buying or making of meaningful gifts. Although I think I'm going to simplify the wrapping part next year by making fabric gift bags in the "off season." Hopefully I will remember to make them well in advance of the holidays.

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

Robbie - My next goal is to learn to knit.

Condo Blues - Yes, I need to do gift bags too.


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