Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Are There Fake Blueberries in Your Cereal?

Some food news from Retro Housewife

If you eat Kellogg's, Target brand foods, Betty Crocker, or General Mills there likely are fake blueberries in your food. NaturalNews.tv recently posted a video showing products that market themselves as a blueberry product but have few or no blueberries and instead have dyes, sugars, and fats.

This is not the first time a food company has been caught trying to trick us, it happens everyday. This isn't even a first for Kellogg's who is currently in trouble over claims that their Rice Krispies cereal helps kids immune system. False claims are everywhere but it's easy to spot them. All you have to do is read the labels. One big hint that the company is trying to trick you is dyes. Dyes are used to make food look better and often to trick us.

And while this form of marketing is poor and can be harmful to consumers, there is more to this story. Those fake blueberries are full of nasty things. The dyes are made from things like petrochemicals and are linked to hyperactivity, allergies and even cancer. The fats are often partially hydrogenated oils also known as trans fats. Trans fats are linked to heart problems, liver problems and again even cancer. And we all know to much of any kind of sugar isn't good for us but the sugars in these products are often things like high fructose corn syrup which has been linked to liver disease, increased weight gain, and seems like something new everyday. High fructose corn syrup even has been found to often contain mercury. So there are many reasons to stay away from these products, so remember to read your labels!

Was this a shock to you? Did you have any of these products in your house?

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Anonymous said...

Did I know about those specific brands? No, but I'm not shocked in the least. I found out a few weeks ago that the blueberry muffins at (I think) Dunkin Donuts don't contain any blueberries.


farmgal said...

Am I shocked, not at all, I was visiting my brother's place last year and the kids wanted breakfast, and they pulled out what they called food, and it included some of those fake blueberries in it..

I just laughed and said, I will make us breakfast, put that away.. they just laughed and said, O, you are like Grandma (my mom) its not real! food if you don't know whats in it..

To which I replied, yup, now start helping me in the kitchen and learn to cook.

I live far away from my family and only get home once every year or two.

Mindful Momma said...

Oh boy - I think we have something like that in our house right now. I'm going to go check the ingredient list! Thanks for the head's up.

AmazinAlison said...

I think my love of blueberry muffins may have started me down the road to healthful eating! It was probably 15+ years ago that I was comparing boxes of blueberry muffin mix (I was still in high school) at the grocery store, when I discovered the cheap mix did not have real blueberries, and even the mixes with blueberries, still had blue dye! And so, I learned to make my own muffins. :) However, I'd say the majority of folks would be surprised to read this or companies wouldn't continue to market in this manner.

Wendy said...

Not surprised ... and no, I didn't have any of these products in my kitchen.

Living in Maine, blueberries are a staple fruit. They grow wild all over the place. We love foraging wild berries, but we also enjoy going to the PYO high-bush blueberry farm. Our freezer is full of frozen blueberries we picked during the summer, and I can't help but shudder at the idea of "fake" blueberries. Such a shame.

Lori Alper aka Groovy Green Livin said...

no shocker-just a confirmation! Thanks for the reminder.

Farmer's Daughter said...

I always suspected so many of those items don't have real blueberries! I love that sweet-tart flavor of real blueberries, and now I want some! :)


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