Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meet Retro Housewife

I'm very happy to be joining The Green Phone Booth and look forward to sharing my green journey with you. I thought I would follow Emerald Apron's lead, and share some of the things I will be doing this year, to give you an idea of what my posts will be about.
  • I cook mostly organic food from scratch. This is great for our health and the health of the planet but it does take more time. All of us have days we don't want to spend much time in the kitchen, and it's easy to get take out or eat packaged food. To prevent this I try and make meals ahead that I can freeze and just reheat later. A goal this year is to come up with more of these types of meals and keep my freezer stocked. I will be sharing some of these recipes with you.
  • I want to reduce the amount of waste I produce. I know I make much less than most but I want to do better. I don't just want to reduce my trash but also recycling because recycling uses energy as well.
  • Do more decluttering. I have more stuff than I need and would like to donate more of it so I spend less time cleaning my stuff and more time enjoy people. 
I want to leave you with a few tips for reducing your waste this year.
  • Save cereal bags to use like you would wax paper. They are great for wrapping things for the freezer.
  • Save bread bags to use like you would other plastic bags. If you don't have a use for them you can recycle them with plastic grocery bags.
  • Recycle your plastic bottle caps at Aveda.
  • Make more of your food from scratch to reduce packaging waste. 
I can't wait to get to know all of you better and share my green journey with you. I would also love to hear what you guys are doing to meet the things in my goals.


Robbie @ Going Green Mama said...

Really? I never heard about using cereal liners like that. Does it work well?

Carmen said...

I can't wait to read about your journey. I have many of the same goals for the year. I'm excited to try the cereal liner thing.

Amber said...

Yea! I never knew about the bottle cap recycling yea!

Lisa Sharp said...

Robbie: Yes I do it all the time. Sometimes I put a bit of tape to keep the ends down.

Carmen: Hope it works well for you! :)

Amber: They often offer you a free massage when you take them in as well.

Green Bean said...

Love the cereal liner tip. I've never heard that one before.

Here's one a former blogger, Melissa, can't remember the name of her blog gave me a few years ago - stick butter liners in the freezer and then use them to grease your cookie sheets and pans.

So looking forward to your Booth posts!

Daisy said...

Great suggestions. My composter is almost full and frozen, so my ability to compost is limited until spring. I feel a little sad when something goes in the garbage that I might have torn up and soaked and composted (Chinese take-out boxes, I confess) in the summer.

Daisy said...

And another unusual use for bottle caps; check with your local schools. Some use them for art projects and for math manipulative tools. Lids make great math tools for sorting and patterning, in kindergarten and 1st grade most of all.

Farmer's Daughter said...

Oh what a good idea to save the cereal liners! I didn't think of that!

Lisa Sharp said...

I must give credit to my awesome hippie mom who told me to save my cereal bags. http://wellgroomedhippie.blogspot.com/

Green Bean: I keep meaning to do the butter thing!

Daisy: Schools will often take a lot of things for crafts, thanks for the reminder.


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