Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Ways to Recycle

Some recycling tips from Retro Housewife.

Since everyone seemed to enjoy the recycling tips in my last post I decided to share some more. Of course remember recycle is the last of the three R's, first reduce and reuse. When those aren't an option here are a few others to help you out.

CFL Recycling:
Home Depot will recycle CFL's. CFL's have mercury and should never go in the trash.You can also get a kit to mail them in to Waste Management.

Cosmetic Recycling:
Origins started recycling cosmetic jars, bottles and tubes a couple of years ago. They will recycle any brand, so start saving all of your cosmetic containers today.

E-Waste Recycling:
Gazelle has a great e-waste recycling program. They will pay you for your e-waste and if the item can be fixed they wipe all personal data off and sell it. 80% of the items get reused! What is recycled is done in the US. You can also take e-waste to Best Buy.

PVC Recycling:
Earthworks takes PVC like hotel keys, credit cards, etc... You can contact them for info on mailing your items to them.

#5 Plastic Recycling:
Whole Foods will recycle #5 plastic.

Brita Filter Recycling:
The wonderful Beth Terry from My Plastic-free Life is largely to thank for the fact that Whole Foods will recycle used Brita filters.

Plastic Bag Recycling:
Wal-Mart, Staples, Target and most grocery stores will take bag plastic bags. This includes bread bags and sandwich bags (remove any zippers or ziplocks first).

Gift Cards, CDs/DVDs, and Battery Recycling:
All of these items can be taken to Best Buy.

Sealed Air Packing Plastic Recycling:
Former boother EnviroRambo talked about how you can recycle these. Read about it here.

Bottle Cap Recycling:
EnviroRambo helped us out here as well. Read about it here.

Glue Stick Recycling:
Another former boother the Greenhabilitator told us about recycling glue sticks, click here for more.

Baby Gear Recycling:
And yet another post on the Booth about recycling! JessTrev shared how to recycle your old baby gear, click here for more.

Inkjet Cartridges Recycling:
Best Buy and Staples will recycle inkjet cartridges.

Other Recycling:
Check out TerraCycle to find out about setting up recycling to raise money for your group or school.

If you have more ways we can recycle be sure to share.

Photo Credit: Dano


Farmer's Daughter said...

Great tips Lisa! I didn't know about a lot of those!

Anonymous said...

Great way to see some good tips all in one spot!

I'm glad we have an Aveda teaching school in my town so I have some place close to drop off bottle caps.


Green Bean said...

Love these reminders! Our Whole Foods will also recycle old cell phones.

Jenny H. said...

I saw at Target that they have a bin to recycle MP3 players but I haven't really looked into it.

robbie @ going green mama said...

Target takes cell phones as well

Amy said...

Great post! I didn't know that Origins recycles all cosmetics.

All Green Electronics Recycling is another great resource for recycling, especially if you're in California. They have a lot of drop-off points and recycle most electronics for free.

Mark Muso said...

Also you can call All Electronics Recycling in L.A. at (800) 924-0884 and they'll send a driver to your door for a free e waste pick-up. It's really easy.


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