Sunday, January 2, 2011

Phone Booth Flashback

Welcome to the Phone Booth Flashback, where we travel back in time so you can catch up on posts from the Booth's past.

Last year
  • Eco-Heater: Jess of Sweet Eventide weighs in on keeping warm in the winter.
  • Pantry Diving: The Greenhabilitator shares more of her food-related goals, including joining Meatless Mondays.

Two years ago
  • Save My Skin: Envirambo shares her secret for soft skin in a Wisconsin winter - coconut oil.
  • Kicked to the Curb: Green Bean suggests that we make a resolution to dump single use containers.
  • Sourpuss: The Raven attempts to make apple cider vinegar from scratch.


Green Bean said...

What a fun walk down memory lane.

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

@Green Bean - The best part of compiling this post was reading the comments from bloggers-gone-by. Interesting to see how the blogosphere has evolved over the years.

Green Bean said...

Indeed! Many of those posts are by folks who no longer blog! Thankfully, we still have their work to read.


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