Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome Our New Boothers

We're excited to welcome several new writers to The Green Phone Booth this year. Introducing (insert drum roll here)...


By day she teaches teenagers about sustainability. But after school, this farmer’s daughter ties her cape around her waist to become Emerald Apron: super mom, wife and homesteader! Watch as she does her best to save the planet by starting on the home front, with a baby on her hip! Emerald Apron dreams of living a self-sufficient life and isn't afraid to get her hands (or cape) dirty! Learn more about Abbie at Farmer's Daughter.


She seems like your average housewife; doing laundry, cooking dinner, and doing all the other housework. It would seem her battles would be against things like soap scum and mold.

However, there is more to this Retro Housewife than meets the eye. In her backyard hides rotting food and you won't find paper napkins in her house. This housewife is a climate change fighter and C02 is her worst enemy. Her weapons include glass straws, cloth napkins, and organic food. Around her waste and pollution don't stand a chance! Learn more about Lisa at Retro Housewife Goes Green.


Jaime is your average 30-something suburban mom. When her son had some medical issues, she began learning about environmental toxins. Her green journey started with store-bought green cleaners and organic junk food, as chronicled on her now defunct blog, Green Resolutions. One green question led to another, one green book led to another. Today, she’s seeking a simple and sustainable life without all the resolutions or greenwashed “food.”

And she’s picked up a few superhero secrets along the way. When she dons her cape as SustainaMom, she effortlessly convinces a 4-year-old that he doesn’t need that plastic object of desire, and she works miracles with baking soda and vinegar. In her square-foot garden, she grows peas so sweet they must be magic. Now if someone can just teach her how to cook an eggplant her family will eat!

Jaime has guest posted for us several times in the past. Check out some of her posts here and here.


Alison is not your run of the mill mom! Not this superhero. While greening her family of three, she seeks out ways to embrace meaning instead of material, foster social consciousness and community, absorb the ins and outs of nonprofit management - all while wielding a pair of running shoes and a whisk. Alison has guest posted for us in the past here.

Stay tuned for more from these fabulous writers!


Kate said...

They all sound great. I have to say I'm especially excited to hear from Sustainamom about convincing a four-year-old how to not need plasticrap...especially in front of other people giving it to their children...sticky! I would like to learn how to do this as graciously as possible. We had some awkward moments over the holidays.

Green Bean said...

Yay!!! Welcome aboard ladies. I'm looking forward to everyone's posts.

SustainaMom said...

GB - Thanks! So excited to be here :)

Kate — That is a tough one. If it comes out of a wrapped box then it is ours even if I already convinced my son he doesn't need it. The best I can do it make sure we pass it along to a good home when it leaves our house. (Maybe I'm not superhero material after all, but I can't crush grandparents on Christmas day...)

I will say, though, that I had one family member ask for gift suggestions in early Dec. and I took that opportunity to copy all the grandparents, aunts and cousins on an email list of items my son would like (and that I would like for him to have). Think that was gracious or rude??

I like to think that it cut down on some of the plastic or at least ensured it was what I consider "acceptable" plastic (e.g., Legos and hand-me-down DVDs).

Farmer's Daughter said...

I'm excited to join the group! Hope I can live up to the super hero status!

Lisa Sharp said...

Thanks for asking me to be apart of this awesome group! Welcome to the other newbies.

Alison said...

I am looking forward to both reading and writing! Thank you for the opportunity and to all the superheros for maintaining such a great blog. :)

Kellie said...

So excited for you ladies! Welcome to the Booth!


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