Thursday, January 27, 2011

Will You Answer My Gardening Questions?

SustainaMom is taking names...

In my other life, I have a Twitter account that I use for work. I find it an endless source of links to great information and inspiring stories. And out of the 1,400 people that I follow, I've made a handful of truly awesome connections and come into contact with an awful lot of really nice people. Its 1 a.m. and I've broken something on my website? I bet someone on Twitter will help. Need a recommendation about X product? Bound to get some feedback from someone on Twitter.

On Saturday, I was writing an article about gardening apps for a client. "Move over, Farmer's Almanac," I typed. And then I was stuck. I haven't actually used any gardening apps. So I posted on Twitter: Can anyone recommend smartphone gardening apps?

Nothing. Not a single response. I am following some nice people, some smart people, some entertaining people. But I am not following my people. I want to follow the nice, smart, entertaining people who like to garden ... and compost, and line dry...

Although maybe y'all know more about gardening than to trust a phone app?!

I digress. The point is, I want to follow y'all! (And I'd love to see our readers following each other and connecting.)

So I've created a personal Twitter account. If you would be so kind as to leave your Twitter handle in the comments, I would love to make your acquaintance.

Please, please leave your comment in URL format, like, so we can all click through the link without typing anything.

If you haven't joined Twitter yet, go sign up! Here are a few accounts with green-tinted tweets to get you started following people:

First, the ladies here at the Green Phone Booth:

Then, I looked up some of my favorite environmental blogs/bloggers:

Some green media & eco-organizations:

And a couple of people you all know and love:

But Jamie & Michael aren't going to help me the next time I need advice on gardening apps. I'm counting on you all to connect with me. I promise I'll try to help if you post a question!


Anonymous said...

I have to start following more of you Green Phone Boothies!


Robbie @ Going Green Mama said...

Passed along your question to @Indygardener.

The Mom said...

Mother Earth News has a free trial for a garden planning tool. Johnnys seeds has quite a few little things to tell you when and what to plant. In addition there are thousands of gardening blogs with loads of info. Maybe you need a gardening avenger to post here as well.

Sara T said...

I have plenty of gardening tips and lots to say - just ask the people who live with me!

SustainaMom said...

I am so sad that no one is leaving Twitter handles in the comments! I hope it is just because you all haven't joined Twitter yet and not that you're avoiding me!

Thanks to those of you who have connected directly over at Twitter, though. And thanks, Robbie, for suggesting @Indygardener.

@The Mom, thanks for the tip about the garden planning tool. I'll be checking that out this weekend!

Daisy said...

Gardening apps? I'm interested.

SustainaMom said...

@Daisy, Here are the apps I found...

For the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad: (If you don't have an iPhone, all smartphones can access

For Android:

More apps here:

SariJ said...

Would love to follow you and those who have good gardening tips. I am an organic gardener and always have an opinion on the subject LOL.
Twitter handle sarijo

Gina said...

Love all the info on your blog!

De in D.C. said...

I'm at

I also follow @PlanGarden which has a neat little garden application, but it isn't for smartphones yet.

Renee Felice said...

Whoa, just saw this post! I follow Green Phone booth. Here is my handle. I'll answer questions (or find out answers)!

I'm all about gardening (becoming a Master Gardener with UC Extension this year), sustainability, cooking, momming.

I love this site, too, for planning gardens:


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