Tuesday, February 22, 2011

10 Ways to Upcycle Jeans

From Emerald Apron's Crafty Corner

I've got about five pairs of old jeans that either don't fit or are worn out, and I've been saving them for projects. There are so many great ideas, and here are ten of my favorites!

1. Stitch up a cute and heavy-duty Jean Apron for use in the kitchen or garden. I could see myself wearing an apron like this when I'm planting in my school's greenhouse.

2. Grab your scissors and cut triangles to make a Jean Bunting for party decorations. This would be adorable for my little boy's birthday party. I imagine that a mini version, similar to my friend Country Girl's Cake Bunting, would be the perfect decoration for a rough and tumble boy's cake!

3. For a sweet little girl, make a Jean Headband! I think it's so cute, but I don't know any little girls, so this one is on hold.

4. Make a Jean Bag to tote along to the farmer's market, the beach, or playdates. This looks sturdy and durable and perfect for people with kids. Add some sections, and this could become a nice diaper bag.

5. If you prefer a smaller, more fashion-forward bag, this Jean Purse is a perfect fit. It was designed by Corrine from Threadbanger, who came to speak at an eco-friendly fashion show at my school, organized by my former student Kayla. (It makes me feel fashionable to share that!)

6. If you want to show off (or develop) your embroidery skills, this Berry n' Bird Beret is your project. I'm not really a beret fan, but I love this one! Though I'm not sure where I'd wear it.

7. These Recycled Jean Pocket Pets are so cute! I especially love the owl and can imagine it sitting on a tall bookshelf in my son's room.

8. Denim Baby Shoes are a great solution if you want to keep your little one's feet warm while saving cash. Imagine how many shoes you could make from a sinlge pair of jeans!

9. I'm sure you've seen the jeans-turned-to-skirt tutorials before. This Flirty Denim Skirt Makeover is a little different because it starts with a boring skirt instead of pants. The result is gorgeous!

10. Finally, since our mud season is just around the corner, I'm hoping to crochet a Jean Rag Rug for my mud room. This is the perfect project for me, since I love to crochet!

Which one do you like best? How have you upcycled your old jeans? Please share a link if you've blogged about it!


Stephanie said...

I haven't tried any jean recycling projects myself, but I was given a quilt backed with old jeans in high school and I love it. It is such a nice weight. I used it on my bed all through college and now we use it for picnics.

Green Bean said...

Love these ideas. My oldest is begging to cut up his perfectly good jeans to make the owl!

ingrid said...

These ideas are great! I've been saving old jeans from my friends to make a braided rug. I love the crochet rug link. That sounds a lot quicker than the prep and braid process I have ahead of me.

Lisa Sharp said...

Thanks for covering for me Abbie. I wish so badly I had a sewing machine! I always seem to have some old jeans around.

Truffula said...

Are you sure you didn't come over and see the mountain of "expired" jeans I've got before writing this post?

Thanks for the ideas on how I might repurpose them.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love these ideas, thanks for sharing! The little cat, dog, and owl are too cute!


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