Sunday, February 27, 2011

Phone Booth Flashback

Welcome to the (very very late today) Phone Booth Flashback, where we take a trip down memory lane so you can catch up on posts from the Booth's past.

Last Year
  • The Great Purge of 2010: Going Green Mama cleans house and shows you how to purge without filling up your trash can.
  • Airmail: EnviRambo figures out how to recycle those plastic inflatable air bags that come in packages.
  • Cancer, the new C word: The Greenhabilitator gives tips on how to avoid cancer without going crazy from avoiding everything.
Two Years Ago
  • Halvsies: JessTrev says, "If something seems too hard for me to accomplish? I may just have to take a half-step in that direction."
  • Semantics: The Raven asks: Global warming, climate change, climate chaos, global meltdown - what do you call it?

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