Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Fun with Kids

The Conscious Shopper, filling in for Retro Housewife, who is still sick.

After Jenn's Valentine's post yesterday, I'm outing myself as a person who is significantly othered and doesn't give a rat's patootie about the holiday except for the part where I get to do fun Valentine's Day crafts with my kids.

Last year, we made these cool Valentine's cootie catchers:

This year, I've been bookmarking various ideas over the past few weeks. My criteria is that the finished product must be recyclable, the kids can do most of the work themselves, and I prefer candy-free Valentine's (though you'll see that a couple candy ones slipped in anyway). On our short list:

Lollipop mustaches from Family Fun (I believe these are made with craft foam, but I think cardstock would work just as well)

thumbprint Love Bugs from Sweet and Lovely Crafts

A plane awesome idea from Family Fun

My boys are really digging the lollipop moustache idea, but I'm hoping I can talk them into something like the paper airplane. What are you doing for Valentine's this year?


Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

I like those finger puppets and will have to check out the plane. I am married and my husband and I both ignore "token" holidays. I can barely come up with gifts for birthday, Christmas and our anniversary. We have too much stuff as it is. Maybe a homemade card. Maybe, if I get around to it. We always have a bar of dark chocolate in the house anyway. My mom sends me decorations which I sometimes put up. My kids aren't school-age yet and don't know much about VD, but when cousins send stuff, we do make them a card and try to reciprocate a bit.

Dea-chan said...

Working -- sadly, selling stuff. But other than that, sitting on the couch. I am also significantly othered and I want V-Day to go away. Permanently. If your relationship SUCKS SO BAD that you look forward to the treat of Valentine's Day, you need to go find another S.O., one who treats you right daily.

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

These are so cute especially the finger puppets. I am new to your blog and I am so glad I found it!

Sustainamom said...

Ooooh! I love the mustaches! Been meaning to look up some ideas for preschool gift ideas & you saved me a good hour as I surely would've fallen into several rabbit holes along the way :)

Anonymous said...

Well I do love the mustaches... but I'm opting for a Yoghurt Popsicle Home Made treat that I saw the other day!!! YUM! (At Least it's nutricious) As for V-day, well I don't agree with Token Holidays either; BUT, well it's also my b-day and because of V-day it gets marred by the fact! Now that i have kids, it helps them remember me and I get/as well give, extra special H&K's from/to my DD's (as affection is a HUGE part of their upbringing) Crafts are a huge bonding mechanism for our buzybee lives nowadays, so I take every advantaged special occasion to make them extra special, teaching them also the value of giving!

We now even have Family day coming up, another reason to pull out the Craft Box hmm... Any ideas?

robbie @ going green mama said...

I confess - I stuck with the store bought ones this year, but mostly because of work loads. 12hr days aren't allowing time for crafts, sadly!


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