Monday, March 14, 2011

One quick late post--my new love affair with Filmjolk!

My apologies to all--this post just barely makes it into "Monday"--it's been an insane weekend and day, and things got away from me...

But I did want to report back about the Filmjolk I made and posted about last week--a Swedish kind of yogurt that will culture right on your countertop without needing to go through lots of worrying about different temperatures. (but, thanks all, for the yogurt making tips! I will try the thermos method soon...)

I've now made two batches of Filmjolk, it went very well, and I love the stuff! As promised, it's a little less sour than the yogurt we're used to, with a very mild flavor, and I actually like the texture very much, though one commenter found it a little "slimy."

Once the initial culture is activated, which takes 24-48 hours, further batches can be made in 12-18 hours. My first batch took all of that time, just sitting on the counter, since our house is a little cooler at this time of year. The second batch I started at the same time as I did some baking and sat it near the stove, so it got a good kick-start and was ready in about 14 hours.

Filmjolk as it comes out of the jar after culturing is pretty thin, and I like a thicker yogurt, so I drained it in some muslin to thicken it--I only let it go maybe half an hour, and a quart of the yogurt gave up almost a cup and a half of liquid whey during that time. (I diluted it in water and used it to water my plants.) I could have let it drain longer to get a "yogurt cheese" kind of result, but this was just right for plain old eating.

I had a jar of plum jam that didn't set quite right when I made it last summer; it's perfect for this, and I've been eating the most delicious yogurt ever all week. I haven't tried it on the kids yet, but we'll see how that goes...but if you want to try something fun, give it a shot, and order some of the culture for yourself! (If you live in the Chicago area, I could give you some of mine, but that could be a hassle, you know? :-) (Hey, do people ever trade cultures on Freecycle?)

So thanks for your patience, and sorry this post took till almost Tuesday to go up...
--Jenn the Greenmom

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Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

Thank you for the detailed instructions. I would like to give this a try.


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