Friday, March 18, 2011

Planning for Perennials

I'm designing a new perennial garden, which we've decided will be my 30th birthday present. We have an octagonal breakfast nook off the back of our house, and I've been dreaming of looking out the windows and seeing perennials for three years!
We're still in the early planning stages right now, and I'm imagining both the color scheme and some flowers that I know I want to include. The front of our house is lined with blue hydrangeas, but I want to go more colorful in the back. I'd love to have all shades of pink, purple, yellow and hints of blue.

As far as varieties go, I know I want to include some of my classic favorites: black eyed Susans, peonies, delphinium, bleeding hearts, lilacs, yellow knock-out roses, and of course a hydrangea. The back of our house gets morning sun and afternoon shade, so I need to do some research to see how each of my favorites will do there. I know the bleeding hearts will love it!

I know that perennials will take a few years to grow and fill the garden, so I plan to fill in with some annuals, too. Cosmos, impatiens, petunias, snapdragons, and some pansies will round out the garden.

What are some of your favorite perennials?


Laura said...

We are also in the midst of planning the perennials here. I really want more peonies, but the ants are a bit of a deterrent. :( I just don't know what to do yet! It's the most fun part of renovations on a home, but at the same time... those plant catalogs are overwhelming! Have fun with your birthday present!

Green Bean said...

I love butterfly bush and lavatera (also called tree mallow). The latter has a pale purple flower and grows to be a pretty big bush. I also like Mexican sage and lavender.

Of course, all of those things do well here in California and I choose them because they don't need a lot of water and attract pollinators. Not sure how they would do in your neck of the woods but they are old stand bys for me.

Happy planting.


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