Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Earth Day, Love It or Hate It?

Retro Housewife with another late post, it's also short as I had a long stressful day.

Not all greenies love Earth Day, some are turned off by the greenwashing that goes on now. I personally love it. Sure I get annoyed at the endless emails I get about companies using Earth Day to promote their not so green products but I try and overlook that.

I think one reason I love Earth Day is because I live in a part of the country (Oklahoma) that doesn't always take to kindly to environmentalist. However, around Earth Day there are green events everywhere and I don't seem so weird, haha. Like today, I went to the annual Earth Day meeting for the local recycling coalition. There was a speaker that talked about the water issues in my town. Thursday there is an Earth Day/Water Fest at the local college as well as an eco art show.

So are you like me and love Earth Day or is the greenwashing just to much for you?

Photo credits: NASA Goddard Photo and Video


AmazinAlison said...

I used to love Earth Day, but I think it needs a re-birth. Being the first to the store for a reusable bag and a free coffee from Starbucks if you use a reusable mug is completely pointless...and simply promoting unsustainable materialism. We need something groundbreaking (or perhaps ground healing) to really get the message across. I'll have to think on that...something that demonstrates "less is more" and "free and cheap" are not necessarily good!

robbie @ going green mama said...

I'm not a huge fan of earth day simply because of the commercial aspect, but I do realize that it does force others to take notice.

Dave Gorak said...

You are correct to feel the way you do about an annual event that means nothing without giving serious consideration to reigning in the nation's explosive population growth.

Paste in the following link to read my thoughts; I'd appreciate any comments.


Condo Blues said...

I don't mind the Earth Day sales and promotions. In this precious economy, it's nice to save a bit of money on those green items I buy and use but never go on sale except for Earth Day. These promotions may be exactly what someone needs to go greener. My shopping totes were freebies from events, so was my first reusable water bottle. Last year I switched to a much greener face wash (that I knew i needed to switch out) because of an Earth Day promotion. If giving someone a free coffee one day out of the year gets someone into the reusable travel mug habit than that's a zillion less disposable coffee cups in the landfill.


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