Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Kid's Guide to Adventure in Any Community

In which SustainaMom spreads wanderlust among the children….

Santa Claus brought my son a real-life adventure book this past Christmas. My son is 4, so he tossed it aside and went for the toys with wheels, but I think this book holds a great deal of promise for us over the next 7 years….

When I first opened the book to a suggestion that we visit a landfill, I thought that many GPB readers would love the ideas in this book as much as I do!

Joanne O’Sullivan’s 101 Places You Gotta See Before You’re 12 will bring a world of possibilities into focus within your community. It inspires parents to find the wonder in local places with their kids.

The book is unique in that it suggests types of places to visit. Examples that are particularly appealing to green parents include a migration path, a working farm or a wind farm. (Other suggested sites relate to arts, science, history and sports.)

Interestingly, #37 is a farmers’ market and #60 is a first-rate secondhand store.

The book includes interesting talking points as well as suggestions for finding local spots. The last 20 pages of the book feature lists of specific places across North America to correspond with some of the 101 suggestions.

If you’re dreading the “I’m bored!” chorus this summer or feel uninspired when it comes to exploring with your kiddos, check out the ideas in this book.

What one type of place would you put on the must-see list for kids?

Disclaimer & Credit: I do not know Joanne O’Sullivan. I have not received any incentive to write this blog post. Santa Claus brought this book to our house with no conditions attached to its delivery. I did, however, first read about this book in a post at Field Trips with Sue & I’m grateful that Sue shared the info with her readers!


Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

Oooh, this sounds so good! I will definitely be checking it out.

SustainaMom said...

O'Sullivan also wrote 101 Things You Gotta Do Before You're 12 — and as I was looking up that link for you, I found "101 Ways You Can Help Save the Planet Before You're 12"!

Here are links to both on Amazon:

Truffula said...

I'd put a landfill, solid waste transfer station, or recycling center on the list. Seeing what people throw away -- and in which quantities -- is very sobering.

This sounds like a great and versatile book!

Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

Will check this one out for sure. I love that they are generic categories so you don't have to travel the globe.

joanne O'Sullivan said...

Thanks so much for mentioning the books- I am so glad the post helped me discover your blog- it's fantastic! I have a blog that I'll soon be updating again which expands upon many of the ideas in the book.
Stop by at the Wanderlists:

Allconnect said...
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Sue Rodman said...

So glad you found a great book reading Field Trips w/Sue!


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