Friday, April 15, 2011

Meet the Moms Clean Air Force

From Emerald Apron, aka Abbie I've been writing for the Moms Clean Air Force, both on my personal blog and here at the Green Phone Booth, for about a month. Though I explained my rationale for joining on my own blog, I also want to introduce the Moms Clean Air Force to all the Green Phone Booth readers. The Moms Clean Air Force is a blogging team assembeled by the Environmental Defense Fund with the mission to fight for clean air for our children and encourage other moms and dads to join us. We hope to protect the Clean Air Act from politicians and corporations who want to weaken it, and we want to toughen the standards for mercury and other air toxics. I'm honored to be working with some really fabulous bloggers: we are a diverse group with the common goal of a healthy future for our children. This is a new kind of activism for me. I'm used to reading and learning about environmental topics, teaching about pollution and challenging my students to problem solve, and making changes at home for my own family. But I've started to feel like that's not enough. I want to do more for my son Joshua's future. Though we're serious about fighting for clean air, we also have some fun events in the works, including a Mother's Day blog carnival - details to come! I'd love to have you get involved in this movement. Please follow the Moms Clean Air Force blog, like us on facebook and follow us on twitter. Write to the EPA and your representatives, attend a mercury testing event or blog about what clean air means to you. I hope that we'll see positive political and environmental changes thanks in part to the Moms Clean Air Force!

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