Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Top Five Eco-Loves

Eco-lovin' from the Conscious Shopper

Eco Yogini listed her top five eco-loves in a post on Sunday, and I thought it would be fun to play along.

My Top Five Eco-Loves


To me, any time spent outdoors is meditative and relaxing, but unlike other outdoor activities that I enjoy, gardening literally reaps rewards. If only I could outwit the squirrel that's terrorizing my garden!


We live less than two miles away from my boys' school, so several times a week, I walk to pick them up. At first, I walked grudgingly, feeling obligated to avoid the car but resentful of the time it took out of my day. At some point, my attitude shifted, and now I absolutely adore that walk. I love the exercise, the long talks with my boys without distractions, and the time spent outside. During the winter, we got out of the habit of walking, and after awhile even my boys started asking, "When are we going to walk again?"

Cleaning with baking soda and vinegar

As a mother of young children, I love being able to clean without worrying about what my boys are touching or inhaling. Before I learned about baking soda and vinegar, I cleaned during nap time. Now I clean with my kids right beside me, often handing them a spray bottle and rag.

Spinach, Kale, Swiss Chard, and Collards

My family didn't eat a lot of vegetables when I was growing up, and we definitely didn't eat greens. The first year that we joined a CSA, I suddenly found myself drowning in bags of greens. I had no idea there were so many kinds! Over the years, I've not only learned to cook them, but my whole family loves them. (But please hold the mustard greens.) Our current favorite way to eat our greens is by blending them with fruit in a smoothie. If I leave the spinach out of our morning smoothie, my three-year-old complains, "Aaah, I want to get strong!"

Menstrual Cup

After two years of using a Keeper, I wonder now how I ever used pads and tampons. Ew!

What are your top five eco-loves?


Green Bean said...

Well, I'd definitely have to go with (1) gardening, (2) local eating, esp the farmers' market!!, (3) reusables because they keep plastic bags and other junk out of the house, (4) chickens and (5) water conservation (e.g., taking fewer showers!) ;-)

Sandy said...

For me, it would be (1)volunteering at an agricultural education center /goat farm/dairy, (2) keeping my vegetable garden there and my herb garden at home, (3) eating locally, (4) canning and preserving my bounty for winter, (5) switching entirely to humanely raised animal products (meat, eggs, milk, etc.)

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

Local eating, yes!

cvnafdsd said...

Good question! I'd have to say... 1) reusable bags 2) trying to garden.. 3) my moped 4) composting 5) I must 2nd the Keeper!

SustainaMom said...

Love these!

I never knew how good peas could taste until I picked my own out of the yard last year. Gardening is definitely tops.

I also LOVE that I've convinced my husband to keep the thermostat high in the summer. I love being warm and not wearing long sleeves all summer long. (Now, on the flip side, I hate the colder house in the winter, but we won't dwell on that now that the weather is warming up!)

Cindy @ OnePartSunshine said...

My eco-loves have to be: 1) Klean Kanteen; 2) reusable bags; 3) buying locally; 4) the DivaCup; and 5) being outdoors.

Lisa Sharp said...

Organic food! It changed my life. I was so sick and had about one day a week where I couldn't get out of bed. After a lot of research and learning toxins could be making me ill I ditched them. I have never been healthier. I have lost around 30 lbs, went from high insulin to normal, had high BP and it's not normal, and I feel so much better.

Also love reusable bags, glass straws, compost bins, and eggs from my mom's chickens.


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