Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Simple Action to Reduce Plastic Litter

Retro Housewife here with an awesome green opportunity.

In honor of Earth month a group of bloggers have joined up with the company Glass Dharma, the maker of some awesome glass straws, to help stop one part of plastic litter, plastic straws. This may seem like a pretty small problem but did you know Americans throw away 138 billion straws and coffee stirrers each year? That adds up to a lot of waste.

Glass Dharma wants to stop this waste by encouraging us to bring our own straws. This may seem kind of weird but a lot of us have gotten use to bring our own bags and water bottles, why not a straw? I keep one in my purse at all times. And while this helps, I often end up with plastic straws even when I ask for no straw. This is because so often restaurants don't ask they just stick a straw in your drink.

This is where the group of bloggers and Glass Dharma come in, they are asking that we all write letters to our favorite restaurants asking them to change their straw policy. While it would be great if reusable options like Glass Dharma straws were put into place but if that's not possible there are paper straws or at least the restaurants can be sure to ask people before using a straw. A lot of people don't need the straw but use it because it was put in their drink so asking would help cut down the number of people getting straws.

While doing these small forms of activism can be rewarding all on their own, Glass Dharma wants to give a little extra encouragement so they are offering one free glass straw per each letter you write, up to five per person.

If you are worried about these straws, don't be. I have had some for a couple of years and haven't broken one yet and I'm not that careful. You can wash them in the dishwasher so you are sure they are clean, they also come with cleaning brushes if anything gets suck in them. And they have carrying cases for keeping your straws with you. I love mine and use at least one a day.

So why not spend a few minutes to help the planet and get a cool reward for it? To find more information and to get your free straws check out my blog- www.retrohousewifegoesgreen.com. Be sure to hurry over because the offer is only good through April 30th!

Would you carry your own straw? Do you already?

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