Thursday, May 5, 2011

Greedy Gardeners!

From the not-quite-satisfied brain of Green Bean.

Many of us have heard the axiom that one's spending rises to one's income level.  I have long believed the same to be true with free time.  I always manage to fill my spare no matter how much or little I have.  (I'm blogging in my "free time" right now, aren't I?).  Well, I'm here to tell you that gardening also rises with the size of your yard.

A couple years back, I found myself elbow to elbow between a pair of fruit trees in the back and a trim picket fence in the front.  I squeezed summer squash in between the tomatoes and behind the lettuce.  The stretching pumpkin vines were piled up on top of each other and off the path.  A single blackberry bush was held prisoner along the fence but still spewed out staining berries by the dozens.  We lopped off a branch of the orange tree to pry the hen house in.

Fast forward and I am in my dream home.  Or dream yard at least.  A large sunny swath just waiting to be planted.  And plant I did.  And plant and plant and plant.

And you know what?  After the nine trees, six berry bushes, seven tomato plants, four pepper plants, mounds of pumpkins, peas, summer squash, lettuce, herbs and wildflowers, well, darn it?  Where the heck am I going to put the sunflowers?!

I've overflown my raised beds, outgrown the planting areas, infiltrated the boy's "adventure" space, filled up a few vacant pots and am researching some sunnier spots in the front yard!  (There aren't many!) So beware.  Before you build a raised bed, buy some pots, invest some sweat equity in digging up the lawn or a planting bed, know that whatever you are doing is great, but it will not satisfy the greedy gardener!


CallieK said...

I live in the downtown core of Toronto where backyards are notoriously small and mostly used as parking. When I first moved to this apt I was overjoyed to find the backyard was half garden, half leftover gravel from a previous parking spot which was no longer used. Each year since, I have further advanced on the parking spot to create more garden space a few feet at a time. My garden has tripled in size since the first year and there's less than a foot of bare gravel left, yet I still can't find enough room to grow everything I want so I also have 20 containers of tomatoes and peppers on the roof!

Green Bean said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one! At our old house, it took me 6 years but the garden eventually took over every square inch of soil! :)

Lisa @ Granola Catholic said...

I have 5 acres and 13 years here, and it is true that you do fill your space. My garden and landscaping has grown each year. But I have yet to fill all 5 acres. We did let some revert back to Prairie I love seeing the native grasses and flowers coming back.

Green Bean said...

That sounds like heaven, Lisa! I do love having some place to just let "go natural"! Ours is much smaller than yours but I don't plan to touch the back corner under the pines and oaks for that very reason.


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