Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again...

Going Green Mama has created a party animal....

It's May, which means one thing: We're talking about parties...and have done so for months.

Literally the day after my daughter's 5th birthday, in which I went out at Goodwill to create a Fancy Nancy themed tea party, she announced the theme for year 6: a Mamma Mia party.

Yikes. The pressure was on. And it stayed on, until the last week or so, when we finally discussed what it meant for a Mamma Mia party. Apparently it involved the girls and boys singing renditions of the songs. Except that I don't know that every child has the same affinity for the movie. Or if her best friend Jonathan is ready for the solo act.

So we've been talking alternate ideas of late. She's kicked around princesses and rainbows, and thankfully hasn't brought up the idea of partying at venues like the gymnastics school or pizza places. But finding a theme that works for six year olds, doesn't cost $150 and still is resource-friendly is a challenge.

So today, Boothers, I'm turning to you: What are you best party ideas that you've done for your families?

Thanks to all of you who responded about the farmers market wrap-up. We'll get this started soon!


Anonymous said...

With 5 kids, we never had themed parties. However we did make party hats out of newspaper - great big pirate and loopy chef hats! You can make paper lanterns etc.

We made paper chains from newspaper and acutally complete outfits with capes, tunics etc over our clothes.

Fill up a kiddies' pond and make paper boats with toothpick sails and blow-race them across the pond.

You can use food colouring to make your own coloured sugar crystals for fairy bread.

Everyone can make and cook their own pizzas and patty cakes - just set up a big board with all the toppings!

Have a game where the kids are completely covered in balloons and they need to roll on the ground to pop all the balloons - first done wins.

Then there's the ever popular roll a six and get to dress up and eat the chocolate block game. IE, the kids have a dice and going around in a circle each get to roll a dice. If they roll a 6 they get time in the circle until the next person rolls a 6. In the circle is a table chair, hat, coat, oven mits, knife & fork and a block of chocolate. During their time in the circle the kid ahs to get dressed with oven gloves on, sit, and using a knife & fork cut and eat individual squares of chocolate ...all before the next kid rolls a six.

Lisa @ Granola Catholic said...

I have done theme parties mostly because it has been fun for me. But with crazy schedules this year we are doing a simple at the playground party for my 7 year old. I plan on getting refillable water bottles for all the kids for drinks so they can take them home and getting them squirt guns to boot. Summer weather is already hitting us here. said...

My 9.5 year old daughter still talks about her 2nd birthday party. I asked her, when she was two, what kind of party she wanted and she said a Blue Party. So everything was blue! Blue cake, blue ice cream, blue decorations and everyone wore blue clothes. I wasn't as healthful minded then as I was now, so used blue food coloring in the homemade cake and ice cream. Not sure how I'd do it today, but I'm sure there are alternatives. My daughter toys with the idea of doing another color party because she loved it so. Enjoy!!

Kerryanne Cummins said...

My son is turning 7 this year and the themes we have had so far have been...
Cars: the kids made home made cars out of big boxes from BJ's.

Balls: I got a color your own parachute that all the guest sign each year, we put all kinds of ball on it and played parachute games.

Shapes: decorated with shapes

Beach: had at a state pond,with a sand castle cake.

Car wash: my son made all the decorations and built a car wash for the kids to "drive thru" using our recyclables and made a car wash cake.

Music: decorated with music notes and all the kids made home made instruments and marched in a band. plus a cake that looked like a piano.

Teddy Bear Picnic for my youngest: I made little picnic lunches in small baskets with a bear shaped peanut butter & honey sandwhich,cloth napkin,jelly jar of lemonaid,and teddy grams + white onsie to decorate for thier teddy bear , and a small picnic square of red check fabric as a blanket for each. I tied a balloon to each basket on the blanket and set them out in a circle.
All our parties use small jelly jars for the glasses, real plates and real utensicls instead of plastic and paper.

Jenn the Greenmom said...

Without a doubt, the "Almost Sleepover." We had the party just late enough that it felt a little naughty (like 7 till 9pm), invited everyone to come in their jammies, had make-your-own-pita-pizzas, cake and ice cream, gave the kids real flashlights as party favors, told "ghost stories" (that part didn't go so well on our particular episode of Short Attention Span Theater), and eventually got everyone settled with a movie and popcorn in our family room with lots of pillows everywhere. It was exhausting but fun--and the kids loved it.


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