Saturday, May 21, 2011

Since the world is ending today...

In which Going Green Mama ponders the steps not taken.

Twitter was all a twitter yesterday on how the world is supposedly ending today. I suppose that gives me an excuse to blog and not clean my house this quiet morning.

But say for an instant that mankind was privvy to this date of the rapture, and I have to wonder, if I did it again, what would I have done differently?

Charity, relationships and not applying for an internship at the Olympics (I think it was in Japan that year) aside, I thankfully regret few things in my life at this point. But there are things I wish I had done. The good news is it's likely not too late!

Took my family to Yellowstone and Acadia national parks. I love both, one fondly from childhood memories, the other from a pre-parenting visit one quiet September week. I'd love to experience the wonder of seeing these for the first time. If dump trucks are exciting, I'd love to see my son's reactions to black bears and buffalo!

Camped and experienced nature more. My husband and I love nature and went camping for part of our honeymoon...15 years ago. That sad realization that our gear hadn't been touched during years of retail hours just saddens me. Yes, in retrospect, I should have used more of my vacation time, however, responsibilities in my last two jobs haven't allowed that as much as my time-off bank suggests.

Gone on a horseback riding trip. A real one, not a quickie romp around a field. The worst part of it is, I know a great family-owned placed in Colorado Springs...owned by my aunt and uncle, and we just haven't taken the trek.

Seen nature's wonders. Hiked in Washington and Oregon. Gone to northern California. In suburbia, I miss trees that are taller than 10 feet high.

Kayaked again. Less of a regret than it was a blast, I have had the joy of kayaking in both oceans. A little Dranamine, and I'd be up for more!

Explored from a pint-sized view. Too often, when we do hike, I'm about getting to a destination. I need to remember that the little snails and worms my daughter finds on her walks are just as exciting and thrilling. After all, God's creation is about wonder, even small wonders.

What about you? What have you put off too long and wished you'd made more time to do?


Simon Baddeley said...

But the idea that the world is ending today is a load of rubb.......

robbie @ going green mama said...

Yes, likely so but it's a great excuse to reflect on how I can do things differently!

Elle Bee said...

I think like you said, just taking time to enjoy the little things that my kids find so fascinating. And my biggest regret would be holding on to negative feelings and the times when I loved money more than generosity.

SustainaMom said...

What a fun post amidst all the hullabaloo. Thanks for the inspiration!

If the world ended now, I would really regret not making more time for playtime in the backyard this past year when I've worked crazy hours.

But in the future, yes, I hope to make time for everyday play as well as the types of adventures you mention.

My husband & I hiked the Chilkoot Trail (the Gold Rush Trail) in Alaska a few years ago. When we go to local parks with our son, we wonder how old he'll need to be in order to tackle such a hike!

Green Bean said...

Love the title and the idea. I'm grappling with a lot of these ideas right now. Not because the world is ending but because I'm probably half way through it.

I'd love to camp more, read more, and finally write a book. :)


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