Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sounding the Alarm

Retro Housewife here to share a video with you and talk about toxins.

While I have always been a bit of a hippie, my real wake-up call came when I was struggling with fibromyalgia. I was in extreme pain, always tired, and most days just getting out of bed was a struggle. I've never been a fan of medicating just to cover up a problem so I started reading all about treating fibromyalgia naturally. This lead to me discovering that toxins were likely playing a role in how I felt. Around this same time I watched An Inconvenient Truth and had a major light bulb moment. Not only was I making myself sick, I was harming the plant.

I started getting rid of all the toxic cleaners in my house, all the toxic personal care items and started switching over to an organic diet. I already ate some organic food and knew dyes, trans fats, MSG, and HFCS were bad so that was very helpful in my switch. I also started reading everything I could on toxins and our health.

It didn't take long for my health to start turning around. I not only now have less pain and have my fibromyalgia more under control, I also no longer have high blood pressure, or high insulin, I have lost over 30 lbs so far (while still eating what I want, just organic and homemade versions), I have better skin, I rarely have IBS issues, have cut down on how many cluster headaches I have, and overall I'm healthier. My impact on the earth has also greatly decreased. It's amazing just how much our health and the planet's health are connected.

Now through my blog and other forms of activism I'm trying to help others see how toxins are effecting our health and the health of the planet. I hope to help be a wake-up call for others.

What was your wake-up call? Are you sounding the alarm for others?

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Frances said...

My wake up call happened when I went away to college and started having allergic reactions to soaps, detergents, even the fragrance in my shampoo! I had to start shopping at health food stores for my shampoo and by reading the labels (no parabens) I discovered other things to research. When I got a cat who liked to lick things I also switched to nontoxic cleaners. I also felt called to eat more responsibly and live more sustainably when I read the More With Less, and Living More With Less books.


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