Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Washing My Own Mouth Out With Soap

Retro Housewife talks about why she uses soap to brush her teeth and the other "strange" things she does.

Some green habits have become pretty common. Few people would call using reusable bags or bottles weird but some green habits are still not main stream. Here are a few of mine.

  • Brushing my teeth with soap. I started by just using a fluoride free toothpaste, then I learned about SLS so found one free of that, and then I learned most of those still have glycerin. And if you didn't know, glycerin has been shown to coat your teeth and keep them from remineralizing. So I switched to a tooth soap. I will say it was a bit weird at first but once you are used to it, it's nice. My teeth are so smooth after and they are much whiter. 
  • Use baking soda as deodorant. I started with a mineral stone but while safer than traditional deodorant they still have some aluminum so I now use plain and simple baking soda.
  • Using a glass straw. The staff at my favorite places to eat are starting to remember that I don't want plastic straws and that I bring my own. If I forget my glass straw they often ask where it is. This may seem like a small habit but those plastic straws add up and I use my glass straw as an awareness tool. I have gotten to talk to people about plastic pollution several times because they asked about my straw.
  • My diet. I eat almost all organically grown food and I'm a flexitarian (aka semi-vegetarian). I only eat humanly raised meat and very little of it. This is harder to understand than vegetarianism so I often just say I'm a vegetarian to make it easier. 
  • I don't drive. I don't even have a license and we are an one car family. While, to be honest, health reasons play into why I don't have a license, even if I had one we would still only have one car and I would rarely drive. 
  • I won't shop at Walmart and rarely shop at other big box stores. There are many reasons for this. I don't shop at Walmart because of their poor policies. This is odd to people around here because it's one of the few stores in my town and even people who hate Walmart don't see how you can avoid it. I avoid big box stores in general because I try to shop and buy local and big box stores have few products that I would buy.
  • I use cloth menstrual pads. While I do still use some organic tampons, I use cloth pads as well. I love them. I hated pads before but the cloth ones are so soft. They aren't gross and are very easy to care for.

Those are just a few of my "weird" green habits. What green habits do you have that others think are odd?


underbelly said...

I use baking soda as deodorant, too. I love how I don't have gross deodorant residue all over my clothes anymore.

I also use baking soda to wash my dishes. Straight up baking soda in a confectioner's sugar jar. It's works wonders at de-greasing, and if there's something in which bacteria could be an issue (like raw eggs), I squirt it down with hydrogen peroxide. Seems to work fine for me.

AP said...

I follow lots of green blogs, so it's not often that I'm surprised by something here, but this is the first I've heard of tooth soap. I would love to see a post dedicated to this (and if there is one already, please point me to it!)

brendie said...

i use soap for my teeth, ive made my own with peppermint oil although i should have put more eo in as its barly tastable.
the "weirdest" thing is i use washable rags instead of toilet paper, that really gets people grossed out. one family member even thinks its gross that we collect rain water to drink, as "birds poop on the roof", how she thinks people survived the last few thousand years i do not know.

Condo Blues said...

Baking soda as deodorant didn't work for me and I tried lots of variations. I use liquid crystal and it's one of two deodorants in the world that work for me.

Making my own laundry detergent in my food chopper freaked out my foodie friends. I'll go with that.

Lisa Sharp said...

underbelly: Oh I love that too! I use Dr.Bronner's for dishes but use baking soda sometimes to get stuck on stuff off.

AP: I will write about this next Tuesday. :) Glad to surprise you haha.

Brendie: It's it great?! I love it. I have thought about the cloth rags before but don't have anywhere to store them.

How does drinking rain water work? Do you treat it?

Lisa: I remember you saying that. I have found that the baking soda works better for me than the crystal did.

That's funny about the laundry soap!

Deanna said...

I mix baking soda in a little coconut oil to use as deodorant because baking soda alone irritated my skin. It is better at controlling odor than any regular product I've used.

I need to try the tooth soap. I use a fluoride-free *natural* toothpaste and occasionally plain baking soda.

The one thing I'm not prepared to do is the cloth menstrual pads. Not because I think it's "gross" but because I much prefer tampons. I did switch to the organic ones and hopefully I won't even need those in a few years. ;)

Truffula said...

Yes, baking soda is awesome! So multi-purpose, and so... inexpensive, too!

I just started using a tooth powder and a remineralizing mix myself -- It's definitely a different experience. Cross another item off of the things-I-buy-in-regular-stores list!

DriftSeed said...

I will have to try the baking soda as deoderant. Now that I've crossed the 40 threshhold nothing seems to work and I'm sick of smelling like a yeti.

My weirdest thing won't seem weird here, but it causes major problems with my housemates.... I practice if it's yellow, let it mellow. I work from home and tinkle a teeny amount many times a day. It's extremely wasteful to flush each time.

I would follow in Brendie's footsteps with the rags instead of TP, but I can't deal with the grief I'd get for that one.

Does it mean we're really green if none of these seem weird to us?


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