Saturday, June 4, 2011

Farmers Market Report - June 4

Welcome to our first Farmers Market Report at the Booth!

I just came back from a jaunt to one of our local markets with the kids. I scored deals on some heirloom tomato plants ($1 each, can you believe it?) and grabbed some peppers and herbs to help round out some empty spots in our garden. Here's hoping they survive our 90-degree temps.

I was also excited to find a table with garlic scapes. I'd been toying the last few days with harvesting my own or letting them continue to grow, so this helped me realize that maybe it's not too early for me to make a stinky dish or two! (For those newbies to garlic scapes, you use them just like garlic.) Sadly, it's one of the few things I've been able to harvest so far this year, as we've had an unusually cool and wet spring, delaying just about everything.

How are things in your neighborhood?


Green Bean said...

It is pouring here so I'm skipping the farmers' market but I did have a full CSA share I picked up on Thursday. They still have cool weather veggies due to our cold spring - bok choy, lettuce, beets, carrots and, oh yeah baby, strawberries!

Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

Wonderful. I bought a half-flat of organic strawberries for $8 (rainy day price, normally $10) -- they let me swap out one pint strawberry for one little container organic raspberries!

And 2+ pounds organic mix of mushrooms (button, cremini, portabello) for $10.

There are only 2 organic vendors at my farmer's market, but they are so awesome they completely make it worth my while. I normally buy 8-10 things but my husband will be out of town this week so I'll be cooking less.

My CSA has peaches and blueberries and they are so delish. I love summer.

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

I am new to your blog. Really have been enjoying reading your posts!We have been having 90 degree temps also. I guess Summer is trying to get here a little early!!

Truffula said...

We have a new uncertified-but-organic vendor at our market. I was so excited that I made a beeline to his booth. The pickin's were a little slim compared to those of the other vendors, but I made a beeline to his 'scapes. (He was selling his items by the ounce, which was a little different...). In a kind way, he asked me if I knew what to do with them. When I replied that I did, and was looking forward to it, he looked so pleased!


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