Saturday, June 18, 2011

Farmers Market Update

Going Green Mama is ready to make another batch of peach cobbler!

There's something about traveling that makes home life seem, well, homey.

Like the time I went to Pike Place Market in Seattle, only to nearly cry upon seeing our lame, wimpy produce in the supermarket upon my return.

This week, I'm dreading my arrival at the supermarket. After wonderful trips to markets in Memphis and Nashville, where we brought home Carolina peaches, pecan oil, bright broccoli and more, I suspect our little local market just won't be the same.

Still, I can enjoy another batch of peach cobbler, since the market's Facebook page is promising Indiana peaches already!

What's new in your neighborhood? Post your link or comments below.

(I apologize for the technical issues last week!)


Michelle said...

We have a very small farmers market in our community, and a CSA. Other than that, we have to travel to the neighboring city to shop at Whole Foods if we want access to good quality organically grown and local produce. ;)

robbie @ going green mama said...

Don't knock the small markets! Ours was tiny when we first moved here, now we can get everything from lamb to beef to produce and eggs.

Cloth Diapers said...

I love the farmers markets! We only have a short period to actually shop at them, and sometimes I go overboard. Just this week I bought 4 types of cheeses, its going to be one cheesy week!


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