Saturday, July 23, 2011

Farmers Market Report July 23

Going Green Mama is dying for a good melon!

With most of the country, we've dealt with obscenely hot weather this past week. After a week of 100+ heat indices and the hottest day here in 23 years, I'm thinking the Seattle area (where the news said it's hit 80 once!) looks pretty good.

So I was disappointed but not surprised at this week's market to see that vendors were down and so were the offerings. Sweet corn is out in force, as are melons, but the heat meant I wound up with a mealy-inside melon this morning that's already made it to the compost pile. Tomatoes, even at 9 this morning, were nowhere to be found.

Are you hitting the markets this week? Or with the weather, have you just thrown in the towel?


Dmarie said...

here in western Kentucky, our dear back-door neighbor left a lovely cantaloupe on our doorstep this morn. Hubby says it's pretty good! But boy, it's been HOT around here, so not sure about the melons not yet ripe in our own garden. *sigh*

Green Bean said...

We had cantalopue at our farmers market this week!! Tomatoes, corn, stone fruit, blueberries but alas no peppers and no watermelon! Maybe next week.


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