Saturday, July 9, 2011

Farmers market report

Every parent relishes those few quiet moments to themselves. And given the exhaustion I feel after 90 minutes of bedtime battles each night, I've found my moments at a different time.

Namely, sneaking it in at the evening market on the way home from work.

Going to the farmers markets sans children is an all together different experience. You have the choice to linger at a booth, to ask questions, to not feel the embarrassment of your child once again mooching samples off each station. You can actually check out the produce, rather than hastily check off items as you grab the first box of beans your way.

Someday, I will learn the fine out of leaving work at a decent hour so I can squeeze in 15 minutes of "me" time at the market on the way home.

I had my first summertime mid-week market visit this week, blessed by decent breezes and not-too-hot weather. This week, it's all about summer squash. Zucchini has been popping up everywhere this last week, both in my garden and at the markets. The good news is the kids love them - I found a half-knawed on squash on my table the other day! Busy evenings mean I haven't had the opportunity to prep zucchini recipes like I'd like, but I've discovered a zucchini bread recipe that the kids can't get enough of. Yes, it means heating up the oven in the middle of summer, but it's a simple project to tackle while I'm working on chores in the evenings.

What's cooking in your garden? Any great market finds this weekend?


Chile said...

We just went to the farmers market this morning, mostly to get me some organic potatoes. I can hardly find those in stores and then the quality isn't great, but several farmers at the market generally have red or Yukon gold potatoes I can pick up.

I also got a small bag of Brussels sprouts this morning, along with a couple of red bell peppers, tomatoes, and a cucumber to add to a hummus wrap for today's lunch.

Since I now volunteer at an organic mini-farm, I pretty much only really need to go to the farmers market for the potatoes since the place I volunteer does not grow them and we don't have any going yet either.

sustainamom said...

You've hit on the exact reason I don't do farmer's markets. I have a child that is walking chaos and it is just such a stressful experience.

But I do have a new veggie experience: purple sweet potatoes. I thought it would be a novel treat, but I didn't like it baked. It was actually a little bitter. I'm wondering if anyone reading has suggestions for what to do with the rest of the purple sweet potatoes on my counter??

I did however, love the Japanese sweet potatoes that I tried during the winter!

As for squash, delicata was my favorite discovery last year but I haven't found any yet this year and I'm not too sure about the plants in my garden. I think I need a rabbit fence :(

Green Bean said...

I dream of going to the farmers market without kids!! I've done it here and there and it really is quite the experience. You can actually look around, think about what you'd make with this vegetable, wonder if you should get more of that fruit for canning instead of fighting off zombie children who are frantically eating samples, pulling your arm out of its socket and fighting with each other.

That said, I skipped the farmers market this week as my CSA share had much of what I wanted: blueberries, blackberries, strawberries. No tomatoes yet though.

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

Going to the farmers' market here on a Saturday is like going to the mall on Black Friday. It's insane, and I spend half my time worrying about whether I've lost one of my kids in the crowd. Going without them would be lovely, though I usually choose to go to one of the weekday markets instead even though the deals aren't as good.

Elizabeth said...

Got some last of the season strawberries at the market yesterday. We are just starting to get zucchini in the garden now. Picked 3 five or six in ones yesterday. Am going to saute them with onions and mushrooms and some fennel for the "meat" layers in my lasagna this week.

Made shortcake for dessert tonight. Yesterday blueberry coffee cake for breakfast. Tomorrow I should get my delivery of raspberries from my raspberry guy so that I can make jam.

I'm glad I was always able to take my children (3 of them) everywhere and that they enjoyed it. Now they go to the markets by themselves and call me up and tell me what they found. Better yet they sometimes call and ask if I need anything!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh that spiced zucchini bread sound awesome!


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